2021 National Campaign


In 2021, the ACNP will be rolling out our National Campaign “Nurse Practitioners. Your Choice for Better Health.”

The National Campaign is aimed at educating, activating, and recognising Nurse Practitioners further by the Federal and State Governments, and the public.  

Throughout Nurse Practitioners (NPs) 21 years of history of providing care to patients in Australia, NPs have historically had to battle and advocate for recognition of their role to be utilised to the full extent. The past 12 months have highlighted to the ACNP that both the Federal and State Governments appear to lack the understanding of how best to include NPs in important preliminary and ongoing stages of planning, and the value that Nurse Practitioners truly add to the health care system in metropolitan, regional and rural settings.   

The ACNP national campaign in 2021 aims to:

  1. Increase the understanding of Nurse Practitioner practice, potential, and abilities by Federal and State Governments.
  2. Increase the understanding by Federal and State Governments as to the many different areas and scopes of practice for nursing and specifically Nurse Practitioners.
  3. Increase the support from State and Federal Governments to utilise Nurse Practitioners to their full potential.
  4. Increase the resources for the public to gain greater access to Nurse Practitioners.


Member Endorsement 

Stage 1: ACNP Member Endorsement 

The ACNP is seeking the endorsement from Members through the planning, development and roll out of the 2021 national campaign. 

To show your support for and endorsement of the National Campaign “Nurse Practitioners. Your Choice for Better Health” please click on the button below: 




In 2021, let's make some NP noise!