Nurse Practitioner Mentoring


Mentoring assists to develop NPs and expand their roles, it provides opportunities to observe colleagues practice, to succession plan, and consolidate skills and knowledge. Mentoring encourages and provides constructive feedback, and a willingness to share knowledge and skills in a open, trusted, and respectful environment. 

This mentoring relationship nurtures, supports and challenges the prospective, emerging or experienced NP to expand their practice, while supporting their ability to meet the National Competency Standards for Nurse Practitioners.  The relationship can exist regardless of location or context of practice, and can be mutually beneficial in broadening experience.

Read the ACNP Mentorship Position Statement for clarification.

Mentee and Mentor Forms

ACNP provides a range of documents to assist members with mentoring arrangements.  You can use some or all of the forms, relevant to your situation.

Agreement From

28b Shared Plan and Agreement

Application Forms

028c Mentee Application Form

028e Mentor Application Form

Evaluation Forms

028d Mentee Evaluation Form

028f Mentor Evaluation Form


Mentor Matching 

(Members only)

ACNP offers mentor matching to members only.  If you would like to request a mentor please email with your name, ACNP ID and specialty.  Please include the 028c Mentee Application Form to help with finding the correct match for you.  Please understand that while all efforts are made to meet the members need, a match is not always possible.