The ACNP Member App makes access even easier. 

The ACNP Member App will ensure that our members are able to keep up to date, keep connected and keep in contact with ACNP at the touch of a button.  

With the ACNP Member App you can: 

  1. Keep updated with the latest events taking place (and add them to your calendar)
  2. Check out the latest news
  3. Ensure your virtual membership card is easily accessible 
  4. View and edit your profile 
  5. Download the latest resources and newsletters through the document library
  6. Contact ACNP with the touch of a button
  7. Update your notification settings
  8. Participate in research

Listed below you will find all the information as to how you can get connected and set up the App on your phone.

If you need any assistance, please call the ACNP on 1300 433 660. 


How to set up the ACNP Member App: 


STEP 1. Download the App

The first thing you need to do is download the mobile app 'Member Jungle' onto your device. The App is free.

Grab the device you wish to download the ACNP Member App onto.

Then select which type of device you have and click on the relevant icon to download the "Member Jungle" app. 

The Member Jungle App has the Tiger Logo (as below) 


Member Jungle Mobile App  Member Jungle Mobile App 


STEP 2. Search for Australian College of Nurse Practitioners

Click on your new Member Jungle App icon and open the new app. 

We recommend you allow notifications so you can receive important updates from the ACNP. 

Now you need to search and add our club, click on the plus icon on the top right of the screen.  

Start typing "Australian College of Nurse Practitioners" in the search bar, as pictured below.

Member Jungle App Search image


Australian College of Nurse Practitioners will appear in the list on the screen, click on the Sign In button, as pictured below.


STEP 3. Logging In

If you are a current member you can login using your membership login details. 

If you need help to remember these please contact Bernie on 1300 433 660 or at 


STEP 4. Logged In

You will now be logged into the ACNP Member App and can check out all the latest features. 

Please note that only ACNP Staff and the National Board can see the Members button.

If you need help, please contact ACNP on 1300 433 660 or at