ACNP Education and Events Endorsement Program

The Australian College of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP) has a history of providing quality education for nurses in Australia. ACNP has expertise in developing and reviewing education specifically targeted at meeting the needs of the nursing profession. In addition, our strong academic governance structure ensures all our programs are quality assured.

ACNP is pleased to provide our endorsement service for continuing professional development (CPD) activities aimed at enhancing the knowledge of the nursing profession leading to improved health outcomes for our community.

Endorsement provides a national benchmark for the Nurse Practitioner and Advanced Care Nurse Profession. The endorsement process is designed to allow ACNP and endorsed partners to display the endorsement logo.  If you would like to learn more about ACNP Education and Event Endorsement please go to our web page: ACNP Education & Events Endorsement

How does endorsement work?

If you would like ACNP to consider your event, training or activity for suitability for Endorsed Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses please review all the details by clicking here.

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The National Recommendations for Rare Disease Health Care provide guidance for health professionals caring for people living with rare disease.  As highlighted by the Global Nursing Network for Rare Diseases, all nurses at some point in their career will care for someone affected by a rare or undiagnosed disease. This may be a rare genetic condition like Angelman syndrome, or a rare cancer, autoimmune condition, or infection.

The eight recommendations will provide Nurse Practitioners with up-to-date knowledge about caring for people living with rare disease, and highlight useful services, resources, and further educational opportunities. Extensive consultation with people living with rare disease ensure that the Recommendations align with their key priorities, and are person-centered and strengths based.

The Recommendations were developed as part of the Australian Government-funded Rare Disease Awareness, Education, Support and Training (RArEST) Project. Access the National Recommendations here:

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CPOP Buprenorphine Prescriber Training

CPOP Buprenorphine Prescriber Training is provided by the Community Pharmacotherapy Program for WA medical and nurse practitioners to prescribe buprenorphine within an established support program for the treatment of opioid dependence under the Community Program for Opioid Pharmacotherapy (CPOP). Upon successful completion of this online training module, a WA medical or nurse practitioner will gain authority to prescribe buprenorphine products (Subutex, Suboxone, Buvidal and Sublocade) to suitable patients in WA. Authorisation as a buprenorphine prescriber under CPOP is issued by the WA Department of Health. Prescribers operate within WA CPOP Policies and Procedures with support through the Community Pharmacotherapy Program.

Link to register: CPOP Buprenorphine Prescriber Training 


Psychotropic Medicines in Cognitive Disability or Impairment Clinical Care Standard What is the Psychotropic Medicines in Cognitive Disability or Impairment Clinical Care Standard? The aim of the Psychotropic Medicines in Cognitive Disability or Impairment Clinical Care Standard is to support the rights, dignity, health and quality of life of people with cognitive impairment or disability in all settings where they receive health care and ensure the safe and appropriate use of psychotropic medicines. The Psychotropic Medicines in Cognitive Disability or Impairment Clinical Care Standard contains 8 quality statements describing the healthcare that you should expect to receive to support the correct use of psychotropic medicines. This guide explains each quality statement and what it means for you.

Published December 2023


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The E-Learning module ‘Understanding the science and reality of obesity for better patient care’, will share information about the science of obesity, personal experiences of patients and healthcare professionals, quick tips for best practice and opportunities to reflect on your practice. Positive interactions with a healthcare professional can help patients better understand the science and complexity of obesity, their personal health risks, and their options in a more empowered way.

The module is free to access.

This training should take about 1 hour to complete. Completion of these educational activities entitles participants to claim 1 CPD hour.

For more information and to register E-Learning Module - The Obesity Collective



The SWHHS Nurse Practitioner Showcase is being held 14-15 May 2024 for full details and to register please click the button below.


SWHHS Showcase


Please note: This is a local event only for NP's employed by the South
West Hospital and Health Service (Qld Health).

If you have any questions, please get in touch


Sexual Violence: Drivers and Impacts One day face to face course

This training is an initiative under the National Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children 2022-2032 and is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Sexual Violence. It is free of charge to AHPRA -registered practicing nurses who are working in primary care. The training will equip health professionals to recognise and respond appropriately to adult disclosures of sexual violence. Sexual Violence: Drivers and Impacts provides an evidence -based overview of prevalence, drivers, short and long-term impacts on the individual and the community and an overview of justice responses.

Dates - Various dates in 2023–2027

Duration - Online: 6.5 hours: or Face-to-face: 7 hours (one-day course)


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Various dates – Hepatitis B s100 Prescriber Course

Hepatitis B s100 Prescriber Course

Become a hepatitis B s100 prescriber to manage and treat chronic hepatitisB in primary care settings.  

This course provides Medical Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners with comprehensive training in the science of hepatitis B (HBV), current pharmacology, monitoring and treatment, and the complicating factors surrounding HBV management. 

Upon successful completion of this training and the associated case assessment, eligible participants may apply to the relevant state departments of health for authority to prescribe Section 100 (s100) drugs for the management of HBV in Australia.


Dates - Various dates in 2023–2025

Duration: 9.5 hours (mix of facilitated online training and online learning)

More information and join the EOI list to be contacted when a course is being held in your jurisdiction here.




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Event Information:

Date: 22/03/2024

Time: 12pm - 4.30pm AEST

CPD: Yes 

Location: Zoom 

Profession: Doctors, Hepatitis B s100 Prescribers, Nurse Practitioners

Course Overview

The Hepatitis B Prescriber Forum is a half-day forum designed for hepatitis B s100 prescribers that will cover current and relevant sector priorities and topics.

With expert panels and interactive case discussions, the 2024 Hepatitis B Prescriber Forum is an opportunity to dive deep into emerging areas of hepatitis B treatment and management and discuss the contemporary issues facing hepatitis B clinical care in Australia.¿


To find our more and register


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ASHM HIV Nursing Webinar Series

Directed at nurses with experience working in HIV, this HIV Nursing Webinar series is designed to equip nurses experienced in the care and management of people living with HIV, with additional knowledge and skills required for specific clinical management of HIV care complexities. This education activity consists of 6x 1-hour webinars, each focussed on a different topic of complex HIV care. Participants are welcome to attend any or all of the 6 sessions within the series.

Various dates between June and November 2022.


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ASHM Hepatitis B Prescriber Update 

In Australia, current legislation states that only an HBV s100 prescriber, sexual health physician or hospital-based specialist can initiate HBV treatment. Nurse Practitioners (NPs) who complete ASHM’s HBV s100 Prescriber Course to become accredited hepatitis B s100 prescribers are required to accrue a total of 3 HBV continuing professional development (CPD) points during each calendar year. Oversight of HBV CPD is undertaken by the accreditation agency, ASHM. The Hepatitis B Prescriber Update provides 1 of the 3 CPD required to NPs who attend. An additional 1 CPD point can be accrued if they submit a case study for discussion. A high proportion of accredited prescribers have reported experiencing low caseloads of patients with chronic Hepatitis B (CHB) which acts as a major barrier to them maintaining their knowledge, skills and confidence in this area.

In the Hepatitis B Prescriber Update, hepatitis B s100 prescribers are provided with the opportunity to discuss newly developed cases covering topics requested by prescribers.

  • Cases are tailored to the needs and interests identified by prescribers in the relevant state or territory
  • Case discussions are presented by a specialist or experienced s100 prescriber to meet the identified learning needs of ASHM’s hepatitis B s100 prescribers.
  • Hepatitis B s100 prescribers can ask questions to the presenters, with the option to prepare short case studies to walk through with the presenter.

The exact format of the evening is dependent on which topics have been requested by prescribers, and how many prescribers elect to prepare case studies. NPs who attend the Hepatitis B Prescriber Update will enhance their skills and knowledge to maintain their clinical competence and confidence in diagnosis, treatment initiation, ongoing management and monitoring. The update may also feature presentations on new research, guideline updates, virology, clinical practice, and other topics relevant to the management of CHB in primary care.

Through online learning and virtual teaching, participants will learn to:

  • Plan guideline-based monitoring for patients with chronic hepatitis B
  • Evaluate chronic hepatitis B patients’ suitability for antiviral treatment
  • Select and prescribe an appropriate first-line antiviral medication for patients with chronic hepatitis B


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ASMH welcome new prescribers. To take part in the HIV s100 Community Prescriber Program, GPs and Nurse Practitioners need to fulfil an initial accreditation process: 

  1. Complete an accredited HIV prescriber training course, including prerequisite online learning and post course online assessment, or apply for recognition of prior knowledge.
  2. Complete a self-directed learning exercise of approximately 4 hours, in which participants choose their own activity, identify learning objectives and reflect on their learning, evidenced in a brief report. Options include advanced reading, clinical placement and online Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Click HERE for more information on the reinforcing activity.
  3. Access appropriate support from senior clinicians working in an HIV/Sexual Health Clinic in a public hospital, or specialised GP with an HIV/Sexual Health expertise. ASHM can put you in contact with a specialist in your area. Click HERE for more information on clinical placement.
  4. Complete an Application Form for HIV Prescribing, which ASHM will provide.
  5. Be committed to¿ongoing HIV-specific continuing professional development (CPD)

For more information on how to become a prescriber, please refer to contact us at

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Treatment with direct acting antivirals is easier than ever.

Attend ASHM’s free Hepatitis C for Nurse Practitioners course on Thursday 29 April and Thursday 06 May (2-part course) to be provided with the skills and confidence to diagnose, assess, manage and treat hepatitis C. This course is a blend of self-directed activities and facilitated training.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the risk factors for HCV infection, enabling effective screening and prevention education
  • Demonstrate competence conducting and interpreting tests to diagnose HCV
  • Recognise risk factors, clinical signs, symptoms and complications of liver disease
  • Demonstrate understanding of DAA therapy for the treatment of HCV and competence in selecting appropriate therapy
  • Describe recommended on-treatment monitoring and post-treatment follow up protocols

This activity is endorsed by the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP) for 5.75 CPD hours and is funded by EC Australia.

Please click here to register, or contact Tyler Davis at or 0435 790 489 should you have any questions.

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Rethink Obesity 4Forums is developed and delivered in a way that is aligned with adult learning principles.

• A series of four practically relevant educational ‘forums’ that follow key aspects in the ‘journey of obesity management’, primarily relevant to primary care

• Each forum to focus on four essential key points only to ensure learnings are focussed, easily understood and remembered

• Each forum is 40 minutes long (25 minutes of panel discussion + 15 minutes Q&A) • Each forum is developed by an independent steering committee and hosted by 2 obesity experts (different for each forum) to ensure content is relevant to the audience

• Each forum facilitated by an external expert with experience in hosting educational events (non-HCP, health journalist)

• Attendees can watch the forum live or view ‘on-demand’ in their own time after the event

• Attendees can provide feedback on their learning after each forum

  • July 7th: Four key points every HCP should know about obesity and women’s health
  • July 14th: Four practical points to optimise weight loss in men with obesity
  • July 21st: Four key insights on the weight loss journey from the patient’s perspective
  • July 28th: Four expert recommendations to simplify the weight management consultation

Contact: Anna Chiapasco - Product Manager – Obesity;