If you’re an Advanced Practice Nurse exploring the idea of undertaking the qualification to become a Nurse Practitioner we’re here to help.


What is an APN?

An Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) is a term used to describe a Registered Nurse that has a high level of nursing practice, additional experience and knowledge.

How does an APN progress to become an NP?

Working with the health and medical sector, consumers and Nurse Practitioners, we aim to increase the number of NPs in Australia to strengthen the healthcare offering nationally.

A NP is an accredited senior nurse that has been recognised by the AHPRA as an endorsed nurse practitioner after completing a Master of Advanced Nursing Practice (Nurse Practitioner).

To become a Nurse Practitioner, you must have a minimum of three years of advanced practice before seeking to apply for Nurse Practitioner status. In addition, it is an expectation that the ‘scope of interest’ that the nurse completes their advanced practice in for those three years is the area that they will practice in when becoming a Nurse Practitioner.

Once Masters qualified, Nurse Practitioners are able to diagnose and treat health conditions, design and implement therapeutic regimens, initiate and receive referrals from health professionals and order and interpret blood and radiology tests.

NPs can work in many areas such as emergency, aged care, drug and alcohol, medical, surgical, private practice, rural and remote medicine, women’s health, mental health and paediatrics.


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