AMH Nurse Practitioner Mentor of the Year Award Applications


How to apply

1. View full eligibility requirements from the AMH Nurse Practitioner Mentor of the Year web page 

2.  Download the Selection Criteria Form  

3. Fill out your Selection Criteria From and submit your application via the below online form

Online Application Form
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Selection Criteria

Please upload your completed Selection Criteria Form.
This form is downloadable and found at the top of this web page.
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By checking the following box I confirm that I understand and accept the following.

1. All recipients must be a financial member of the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners at the time of submission, presentation and utilisation of the award prize. Submissions that do not address the selection criteria will not be considered.

2. The nominee, if successful, must be available to accept the award at the ACNP National Conference Gala Awards Dinner, held on 8th November 2024, at the Cairns Convention Centre.

3. All announcements are to be held in confidence until the Gala Awards Dinner where the presentation will take place

4.The monetary reward is to be used to support the individual Nurse Practitioner development. 

5.The successful applicant is required to use the prize, and submit a brief report to ACNP by 31 December 2025