Awards, Scholarships & Recognition Program 

This is an important initiative of the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners as we recognise the outstanding service of Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses.

All Awards and Scholarships recognise the invaluable work Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses contribute to the Australian community ensuring effective, innovative and efficient care of an individual’s health issues in a complex and constantly changing environment.

As a College we strongly encourage applications from across the country, in relation to all types of roles and specialties.  Please check the guidelines and consider who you may wish to nominate, or whether you could nominate yourself!

All applicants need to complete the Nomination Form in conjunction with Award/Scholarship specific requirements.  Please email completed application forms and any additional requirements to Bernie McPhee at

Please see the 2020 Awards, Scholarships & Recognition Program booklet for further details.




2020 Changes due to Covid-19

Several changes have been made to the timelines for 2020 applications, reviews and announcements.  Announcements are not yet made as applications are still being reviewed. Final decisions are expected by the end of August and nominees will be notified directly before announcements are made to the wider membership and Australian Community.

NOTE: QUT is the only Scholarship that remains open for applications until 31 October 2020.


Time Frames Overview

Please see Awards, Scholarships & Recognition Program Booklet for full outline of dates. 

The dates outlined below are indicative of the opening of nominations for the Awards, Scholarships & Recognition Program: 


Heather May Herrick Scholarships Nominations Open

QUT Student Indigenous/Rural and Remote Scholarships Nominations Open


Nurse Practitioner of the Year Nominations Open 

Nurse Practitioner Mentor of the Year Nominations Open


Ollie Scholarship Nominations Open 

Bank First Innovation in Business Award Nominations Open 


Winners Notified


Formal Announcement at the National Conference Gala Awards Dinner

Postponed until March 2021