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Beverley McGavin Award for Excellence in Clinical Leadership 

This award is funded by Beverley’s family who established this award in her honour. She was among the early graduates of a Nurse Practitioner program in the U.S., a devoted mentor for clinical nursing students, and an active voice for Nurse Practitioners on a vast array of committees. Her family wish to leave a legacy for Beverley and to give back to Nurse Practitioners in Australia, the country of her birth.

The awardee will have demonstrated excellence in clinical leadership in innovative care. This award recognises the invaluable work Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners in training contribute to the Australian Community ensuring effective, innovative and efficient care of an individual’s health issues in a complex and constantly changing environment.


Additional Eligibility Criteria

  1. Be registered with AHPRA as a Registered Nurse with NP endorsement and be working as an NP
  2. Demonstrate Excellence in Clinical Innovation in Nurse Practitioner Practice
  3. Demonstrate a Clinical Practicing NP model that has delivered excellence in clinical care and patient outcomes in their community and how their model has overcome barriers to practice
  4. Demonstrate a model of care that is innovative/different to what is already in existence, or builds on what already exists to improve patients access to evidence based health care
  5. Outline other attributes contributing to the worthiness of the award being bestowed



1 x Year of ACNP membership 
1 x ACNP 2023 National Conference Registration
$1500 monetary award to support continued clinical innovation or further the individual’s leadership development



The awardee will report back to the ACNP board on how the prize supported them.


  • Scholarship Nominations open 1 May

  • Scholarship Nominations close 30 June

  • Recipients are not notified before the announcement 

  • Official presentation at  the2022 National Conference in Sydney



Applications will reopen in 2023.

Kelly Roberts

Kelly has been an endorsed Nurse Practitioner in the Aged Care Sector since 2107 having a 35-year history in primary health, leading vaccination and immunization clinic in both Primary and Aged Care.  Kelly worked as a RN in residential care since 2001 being instrumental in maintaining and promoting collaborations with Allied Health and Nursing training for rural, regional and remote undergraduate students from Sydney and Western Sydney Universities.  Since becoming a NP, Kelly maintains a focus supporting and developing the aged care workforce, mentoring emerging clinicians as Clinical Teacher with Southern Cross Universities Nursing Program and EPIQ transition to practice program for RN’s who are overseas trained wishing to work as RN’s in Australia.  As Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Manger, Kelly has developed working partnerships with Geriatricians, GP’s, Mental Health, and related specialists in her regional area.  She has developed a strong team of registered nurses in the 150 bed Crowley facility.  In 2022 Kelly was appointed to ACSQHC Aged Care Standards. Jelly remains a strong advocate for clinical nursing innovation for older people and recognition of the Aged Care section as a whole