Opens 1 May 2024

The Beverley McGavin award for Excellence in Clinical Leadership is provided by Dr Donald McGavin, and his three children, Margaret Sood, Bruce McGavin and Heather McGavin, who have established this award in Beverley's honour.

Beverley was amongst the early graduates of a Nurse Practitioner program in the U.S., a devoted mentor for clinical nursing students, and an active voice for Nurse Practitioners on a vast array of committees. Her family wish to leave a legacy for Beverley and to give back to Nurse Practitioners in Australia, the country of her birth.

The awardee will have demonstrated excellence in clinical leadership in innovative care. This award recognises the invaluable work Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners in training contribute to the Australian Community ensuring effective, innovative and efficient care of an individual’s health issues in a complex and constantly changing environment.

$1500 monetary award to support continued clinical innovation or further the individual’s leadership development
1 x registration to attend the ACNP National Conference 2024
1 x year of ACNP membership


Excellence in Clinical Leadership Selection Criteria Form

Beverley nursing colour

Beverley was born on 6 February 1940 at Griffith, on the Murrumbidgee River in New South Wales.  After the encouragement of her mother, Beverley passed the Nurses Entrance Exam, 1957 at age 17 & commenced her nursing training, living in the Nurses Quarters at Brisbane General Hospital.  Beverley began her career as a Registered Nurse following graduation from the Brisbane General Hospital, School of Nursing, Queensland, Australia in 1961.

After her marriage to Donald McGavin, in 1961, Beverley and her husband moved to the United States while Donald completed his studies in graduate studies in Veterinary Pathology, gaining his PHD in 1964.   After some years back in Brisbane, the family returned permanently to the United States in 1968.

Here Beverley graduated from the NURSE PRACTITIONER program of WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY in 1976.  Beverley was amongst the early graduates of a Nurse Practitioner program in the United States, after which she focused her professional nursing career in the speciality of women’s health.

She continued her professional nursing practice for many years in Knoxville, East Tennessee and became a devoted mentor for clinical nursing students who enjoyed her knowledge and sense of humour while learning. She was a

  • Certified member of the Society for Colonoscopy and Cervical Pathology.
  • An active member of the Tennessee Nurses Association and the American Nurses Association. 
  • President of the University of Tennessee Faculty Women’s Club 2004-2005 and remained active on the Board of Directors up to her death in 2010.
  • Adjunct Clinical Faculty of the College of Nursing, University of Tennessee.
  • A member of St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral for 25 years
  • A member of the Knoxville Opera Guild and Symphony Guild.

Beverley’s smile and graciousness were everywhere and with everyone she touched.  Beverley passed away peacefully at home in Knoxville, Tennessee on 4 March 2010 surrounded by her loving family and friends.

Selection Criteria
Address the selection criteria by downloading the Selection Criteria form and attaching it to your online application
1. Be registered with Ahpra as a Registered Nurse with NP endorsement and be working as an NP
2. Demonstrate Excellence in Clinical Innovation in Nurse Practitioner Practice
3. Demonstrate a Clinical Practising NP model that has delivered excellence in clinical care and patient outcomes in their community and how their model has overcome barriers to practice
4. Demonstrate a model of care that is innovative/different to what is already in existence or builds on what already exists to improve patients' access to evidence-based health care
5. Outline other attributes contributing to the worthiness of the award being bestowed

The awardee will report back to the ACNP board on how the prize supported them by 31 December 2025.


  • Nominations open 1 May 
  • Nominations close 30 June 
  • Recipients will be notified by the 15 August
  • Official presentation at the ACNP National Conference Gala Awards Dinner, to be held at the Cairns Conference Centre, Qld, 8 November 2024

The judging will be conducted by the ACNP Awards and Scholarships Committee.
Final recommendations will go to the National Board for endorsement.
Please note that the judge’s decision is final.

Applicants' submissions are provided only to the judging panel.

1. Late submissions will not be accepted
2. Submissions that do not address the criteria will not be considered.
3. All applications must be made via the online application forms with attachments uploaded in PDF format.
4. All recipients must be a financial member of the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners at the time of submission, presentation and utilisation of the award prize.
5. All announcements are to be held in confidence until the formal presentation at the ACNP National Conference Gala Awards Dinner.

Excellence in Clinical Leadership Selection Criteria Form

Applications open 1 May 2023
Online applications only.


Previous Winners

Jane Laidlaw

Jane is a UK trained RN who  first registered in 1988. She and her family moved to Tasmania in 2002. Jane is an experienced Nurse Practitioner who graduated from QUT in 2014.  Jane works in 2 General Practices in the Launceston municipality undertaking reviews of patients with a broad range of conditions including women’s health checks, assessing , treating and diagnosing. From her initial training Jane has been consistently studying and this has led to her undertaking studies in Diabetes Care, Nurse Immuniser studies and then becoming a Nurse Practitioner. Jane has considered nursing to be a career which required on going learning and asking the questions why , or indeed why not! Jane is passionate about equal access to health care and this is evident as she has developed a clinic for the homeless at City Mission in collaboration with City Mission and The University of Tasmania.
One of Jane’s biggest fears is speaking in public- the clinic has enabled her to become less fearful and is delighted to discuss the clinic at this years ACNP conference.

Melanie Dunstan, Jane and Heather to remain on the stage for a photo. Kelly & Heather exits the stage, Leanne to stay.

231013 ACNP Awards-20250932

Award Sponsor Family Representative Heather McGavin with Winner Jane Laidlaw and ACNP President Melanie Dunstan 

Kelly Roberts

Kelly has been an endorsed Nurse Practitioner in the Aged Care Sector since 2107 having a 35-year history in primary health, leading vaccination and immunization clinic in both Primary and Aged Care.  Kelly worked as a RN in residential care since 2001 being instrumental in maintaining and promoting collaborations with Allied Health and Nursing training for rural, regional and remote undergraduate students from Sydney and Western Sydney Universities.  Since becoming a NP, Kelly maintains a focus supporting and developing the aged care workforce, mentoring emerging clinicians as Clinical Teacher with Southern Cross Universities Nursing Program and EPIQ transition to practice program for RN’s who are overseas trained wishing to work as RN’s in Australia.  As Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Manger, Kelly has developed working partnerships with Geriatricians, GP’s, Mental Health, and related specialists in her regional area.  She has developed a strong team of registered nurses in the 150 bed Crowley facility.  In 2022 Kelly was appointed to ACSQHC Aged Care Standards. Jelly remains a strong advocate for clinical nursing innovation for older people and recognition of the Aged Care section as a whole

Kelly and heather

Winner Kelly Roberts (Left) with Beverley McGavin's daughter, Heather (right).