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Beverley McGavin Award for Excellence in Clinical Leadership 

The awardee will have demonstrated excellence in clinical leadership in innovative care. This award recognises the invaluable work Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners in training contribute to the Australian Community ensuring effective, innovative and efficient care of an individual’s health issues in a complex and constantly changing environment.


Additional Eligibility Criteria

  1. Be registered with AHPRA as a Registered Nurse with NP endorsement and be working as an NP
  2. Demonstrate Excellence in Clinical Innovation in Nurse Practitioner Practice
  3. Demonstrate a Clinical Practicing NP model that has delivered excellence in clinical care and patient outcomes in their community and how their model has overcome barriers to practice
  4. Demonstrate a model of care that is innovative/different to what is already in existence, or builds on what already exists to improve patients access to evidence based health care
  5. Outline other attributes contributing to the worthiness of the award being bestowed



1 x Year of ACNP membership 
1 x ACNP 2023 National Conference Registration
$1500 monetary award to support continued clinical innovation or further the individual’s leadership development



The awardee will report back to the ACNP board on how the prize supported them.


  • Scholarship Nomindations open 1 May 2022

  • Scholarship Nominations close 30 June 2022

  • Recipients are not notified before the announcement 

  • Official presentation at  the2022 National Conference in Sydney



2022 Application Form - Excellence in Clinical Leadership