ACNP 2021 Membership Survey

By  Bernie McPhee

Thank you for renewing


Dear Member, 

It is always a pleasure to hear from members about your experiences, views and insights.  To further facilitate this please take 10 minutes to complete the 2021 Member Survey.

We do know how busy our members are, however your time and answers are very important to us.  Past member surveys have guided significant change at the ACNP, please consider giving us some more feedback.

In 2021 we aim to gather detailed information about public/private ratio's, anticipated workforce shortages and the ongoing advocacy of the ACNP for you.

The 2021 Member Survey is now open for you to take part in and closes on 31 August 2021 at 5pm (AEST).


Kind regards,

Bernie McPhee

Membership Coordinator



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