ACNP Easter Update

By Miss Leanne Boase

ACNP Easter Update


Dear Members 

ACNP would like to wish you a happy and safe Easter!  We hope you get some time off over the long weekend, and some chocolate if that’s your thing (it’s definitely mine).

Some important updates for you before we take a break:


PBS and Treatments for COVID 19

PBAC have announced that as of 1st May, Nirmatrelvir/Ritonavir (Paxlovid) is being listed on the PBS for patients of medical practitioners and nurse practitioners who meet the following criteria:

  • People 65 years or older with two additional high-risk factors for developing severe disease,
  • People 75 years or older with one additional high-risk factor for developing severe disease,
  • Moderately to severely immunocompromised people irrespective of vaccination status, and
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 years or older with two additional high-risk factors for developing severe disease. 

You can view the outcome here: https://www.pbs.gov.au/industry/listing/elements/pbac-meetings/pbac-outcomes/out-of-session/pbac-web-outcome-nirmatrelvir-and-ritonavir-march-2022.pdf

This is great news for patients of nurse practitioners following the omission of nurse practitioners from the PBS for Molnupiravir (Lagevrio) who meet these criteria.

You can also view a Webinar held last Thursday COVID-19 Treatments Forum – 7 April 2022 (viostream.com) for more information on COVID-19 treatments


COVID-19 Boosters

The latest information on the COVID-19 Boosters can be found here https://www.health.gov.au/initiatives-and-programs/covid-19-vaccines/advice-for-providers/clinical-guidance/clinical-recommendations#booster-dose-recommendations-


Image Based Prescribing 

Factsheets on interim image-based prescribing arrangements for supply of medicines to support telehealth patients in the community setting are available for prescribers and pharmacists. There is also a State and Territory factsheet available. 

The email address for any enquiries is eprescribing@health.gov.au.

You may also be interested to know that the Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) has created training modules on electronic prescribing specifically for prescribers and dispensers. These interactive modules provide clear and easy to understand information on many aspects of electronic prescribing. These training modules are free and available for anyone to complete. Please feel free to share as required. Electronic Prescribing in your practice.  For more information and training on electronic prescribing, please take a look at the Agency’s website: Electronic prescribing | Australian Digital Health Agency.


Nurse Practitioner 10 Year Plan Update

Many of you who contributed to the consultation would have already received this update:

As part of the development of the Plan the Department of Health sought the views of stakeholders from 19 November to 20 December 2021. The purpose of the consultation was to collect ideas from a wide range of stakeholders on their perspectives, experiences and knowledge of nurse practitioners (NP) and to identify benefits, barriers and workforce solutions to inform development of the Plan.

The high response rate received to this open consultation was welcomed and has highlighted the interest in this work. The mix of responses from consumers, nurse practitioners, health professionals and organisations provided a comprehensive picture of current NP workforce issues. The Department has analysed the 496 responses received and prepared a summary of the key themes and ideas that were heard. This report can be found at https://consultations.health.gov.au/health-workforce/nurse-practitioner-10-year-plan-survey/  

Work currently underway

  • The Nurse Practitioner 10 Year Plan Steering Committee (NPSC) met in March and focused on identifying an agreed purpose and developing a logic model for the Plan. Summaries and findings from the public consultation, yarning circles and consumer focus groups were also discussed. The Committee provided insight and feedback around potential areas of action and key focus points to consider during the development of the Plan. The Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Adjunct Professor (Practice) Alison McMillan PSM noted the importance of remaining consumer focused and ensuring longevity of the Plan. You can view the meeting communiques at https://www.health.gov.au/resources/collections/steering-committee-on-nurse-practitioner-10-year-plan-communiques
  • Consultation with stakeholders will continue as drafting of the Plan advances. This will assist in building the objectives of the Plan, refining the long list of suggested actions received through the consultations, and assessing potential activities for feasibility of implementation, cost and timeliness. The Plan will need to consider long term health reforms and how the health and aged care systems will look in the next 10 years, and the contribution that nurse practitioners can make to this.

When ready, we will consult on the draft Plan, to gauge the level of support for the actions, the planned approach and timing of implementation and the key dimensions of monitoring and evaluation. Please email nursepolicy@health.gov.au if you have any questions on this process


Kind regards

Leanne Boase

ACNP President



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