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By Miss Leanne Boase


Dear Member 

ACNP welcomes your feedback on two upcoming submissions:

#1. Revision of Therapeutic Guidelines: Antibiotic
Please email policy@acnp.org.au if you are interested in providing feedback to this submission. We will then provide access to the guideline.

#2. Independent review of the regulation of health practitioners in cosmetic surgery
Please find the link to the consultation and additional information for this review on the Submission (Members only) page of the ACNP website.

You can provide feedback by responding to this email (your feedback will be included in the ACNP response) or by responding directly to policy@acnp.org.au using the ACNP Member Feedback Template.

ACNP is also running the following virtual feedback sessions for this review:

  • Session A: Wednesday 30 March 12pm AEDT and;

  • Session B: Wednesday 30 March 5pm AEDT

Zoom links to the sessions are on the ACNP website Submissions (Members only) page. If you are interested in attending or have an enquiry, please email admin@acnp.org.au.  Sessions will be hosted by ACNP’s Policy Officer, Stephanie Dowden. 

As always, we value your feedback and welcome your replies to put together a response on behalf of the ACNP membership.

Kind Regards,

Leanne Boase
ACNP President


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