Thinking of communities impacted by the floods

By Miss Leanne Boase



Dear Members

Our hearts go out to all those in Queensland and New South Wales who are impacted by these unprecedented floods. The stories and images that we are learning of are devastating, and unfortunately the floods are continuing along the coast with more towns still to be affected. The ACNP are thinking of you and hope that our members, their families, and their communities keep safe.

The ACNP understands that there are emergency payments available for impacted locals and you can apply for financial support from the Commonwealth Government via Services Australia.

  • You can claim support via myGov
  • Call Services Australia on 180-22-66

The government's also extending its Disaster Recovery Allowance, which is for small businesses and farmers who have lost income because of the floods.

We would like to thank all the emergency services, the mud army, nurse practitioners, nurses, health professionals, the Australian Defence Forces and wildlife carers for their all their care and support during this tough time. 

Please keep safe and reach out if there is anything that you need. 

Kind regards,

Leanne Boase

ACNP President



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