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The Australian College of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP) is led by a National Board of Directors with a National Council advising on key regional and strategic issues facing Nurse Practitioners and the membership. 

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Melanie Dunstan


Melanie Dunstan is a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner, Midwife, Diabetes Educator, Child and Family Health Nurse and Sexual & Women’s Health Nurse who is passionate about improving health for disadvantaged Australians. Currently working at Ngak Min Health and My Weight Loss Clinic. Over her nursing career she has worked with mothers, babies, families, young people, First Nation Australians, Homeless clients and culturally diverse populations.

She worked in Rural and Remote Queensland for over 7 years, while working for the Royal Flying Doctor Service based in both Cairns and Mount Isa. During this time, she learnt about the tyranny of distance and the challenges of delivery of healthcare in remote areas.  Melanie works to highlight the role that Nurse Practitioners can have in the Health Care system in Australia. She believes that all Australian's deserve access to a Nurse Practitioner as part of their Health Care Team.  

Melanie grew up in Country Victoria and has a love of working with rural and remote communities and believes that relationships are key to being able to provide health care. 



Amanda Butt

Vice President 

Amanda is a dedicated Nurse Practitioner with extensive skills in clinical expertise, leadership, advocacy, and entrepreneurship. Her commitment to advocating for Nurse Practitioners (NPs) is evident through active engagement in mentoring, advocacy, and establishing a successful online mental health clinic.

Amanda's proactive approach to advocating for NPs through platforms like LinkedIn and direct engagement with politicians highlights her commitment to advancing the nursing profession. She possesses strong leadership qualities, demonstrated through mentorship, teaching, and clinical supervision, contributing to the growth and recognition of NPs.

Her entrepreneurial journey is reflected in successfully establishing and running a national online mental health clinic, showcasing skills in strategic planning, financial management, and operational efficiency. Amanda's vision for the future of NPs involves advocating for their integration into the healthcare system, expanding educational opportunities, and fostering a strong community amongst NPs.

Her dedication to amplifying the visibility of NPs includes engaging with media outlets and influential figures, aiming to educate the public about the pivotal role NPs play in healthcare. Amanda's blend of clinical expertise, entrepreneurial mindset, and leadership skills positions her as a vital contributor to the growth and recognition of Nurse Practitioners within Australia.

ACNP Terry Leaf

Terry Jongen 

National Secretary

Terry Jongen has spent 32 years working in Royal Perth Emergency Department, a major trauma centre. For the last 16 years as an Emergency Nurse Practitioner. In 2002 Terry coordinated the departments response for the 28 Bali Bombing victims returning from Bali. In 2004 Terry was deployed to Banda Ache after the Boxing Day Tsunami as part of the first Australian Medical Response Team. He earnt the Overseas Humanitarian Service Medal (Indian Ocean Clasp) for his service. In 2020 Terry was deployed as a Ausmat NP to assist with the Covid Outbreak in the Age Care facilities in Melbourne as part of the Federal Governments response.

Terry has advised past State Health Ministers and currently is part of an advisory panel for the Minister of Sport. Terry has been a past company Director and Chair of a national NFP member based sporting body. Terry has a keen interest in company governance and strategic development.

Terry is a keen promoter of the role of the Nurse Practitioner in all aspects of health care and has championed the development of different NP roles in the tertiary sector and disaster response. 

 When not promoting NPs Terry builds and races custom motorcycles. 



Richard Newman


Richard Newman started as a nurse in emergency departments. Working with various specialities provided me with a breadth of experience that highlighted the variability of individual practice amongst senior clinical decision makers (mainly medical) that our patients were unaware of. Discovering this, I transitioned into Private Practice as well as the Private Health Sector to complete my program.  Inspired at the Canberra ACNP conference by the keynote speaker from the USA, once endorsed, I moved into the socially marginalised and advanced nursing practice world of custodial health.

Richard is a passionate advocate for the NP role, and he believes the voice of the NP needs to be heard louder within health politics.



Anthony Sokolowski


Anthony is an endorsed NP, for the past 15 years with more than 20 years’ experience working within NSW Health in critical care. His post-graduate qualifications include Masters of Nursing Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Leadership Program through the Clinical Excellence Commission, and the Graduate Certificate in Emergency Nursing. He brings key strengths in areas of leadership, governance, clinical practice, education, resource management, and research. I have collaboratively led a structured governance framework and network for Hunter New England Local Health District Nurse Practitioners, enabling enhanced delivery of health care. He is an advocate for Nurse Practitioner roles, their suitability, and innovative models of care, understanding the importance of these to align with the strategic direction of the local health district and NSW strategic plan.



National Council

New South Wales Margaret Nicholson email NSW Chapter
Northern Territory     email NT Chapter
Queensland  Elise Bryant email QLD Chapter
South Australia  Jeffrey Faccenda  email SA Chapter
Victoria Lois Rowan email VIC Chapter
Western Australia  Adam McCavery email WA Chapter
Tasmania  Hazel Bucher email TAS Chapter
Australian Capital Territory  Tim Keun email ACT Chapter