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Donna Diers Oration 

The Donna Diers Oration demonstrates excellence within the profession and the oration should be significant to other Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses. The Oration honours Donna Diers, in recognition of the support, leadership and friendship shown by her to the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners and the NP profession.  Each year a Nurse Practitioner is provided with the opportunity to present a lecture on a topic of their choice. 

Nominated by the ACNP Board. 

2019 Presenter

In 2109 the Oration was presented by Nikki Johnston OAM.  Nikki was selected as her achievements, including her research, would demonstrate excellence and inspire attendees at the conference.

Donna Diers Oration 2019

Nikki delivering her oration

Past Presenters

2014 – Jane O’Connell

2015 – Karen Sue Hoyt

2016 – Deborah Foskett

2017 – Chris Helms

2018 – Not done