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The curent member benefit of UpToDate will finish on the 31 May 2021.  This exclusive offering allowed a substantial discount off the price of access to UpToDate.
The ACNP is keen to retain this benefit in the future and would invite our members to register their interest with us so that we can re-establish this benefit once there are appropriate numbers of members.
Please send an email to Sara Carter at sara.carter@acnp.org.au to register your interest. 
"At the ACNP we are always looking at ways to add greater value for our members. The introduction of UpToDate, an evidence-based, health professional authored clinical decision support solution from Wolters Kluwer, for our members, will allow you to have the most up-to-date information for your patients at your fingertips.  
As a user of UpToDate throughout my career as a Nurse Practitioner, and during my studies, I have found up-to-date to be an extremely valuable resource that has helped to support my research and clinical decisions. 
Today, there are even more NPs moving into private practice, more NPs working autonomously and we wanted to provide members with a real benefit that can help you with your patients.”
Leanne Boase, ACNP President 

Subscribe to UpToDate at a REDUCED rate 

The ACNP would like to offer Members the opportunity to subscribe to UpToDate at a reduced subscription rate.  

Normally, a subscription for UpToDate would cost you $519 USD (Approx $786 AUD), however the ACNP has teamed up with UpToDate and Clinician's Matrix to offer ACNP members a reduced rate of $370 USD (Approx $561 AUD)  

SAVING YOU $149 USD (Approx $225 AUD) 

If you would like to take this offer up please email Sara Carter, ACNP Marketing & Communications Manager at sara.carter@acnp.org.au 


Learn more about UpToDate 

UpToDate has ongoing access to sessions displaying the benefits of using the software.  You can access all available sessions at https://www.uptodate.com/home/uptodate-lfw



Coronavirus Research Based Information        

ACNP members have access to the latest research based information on COVID-19, including virology, epidemiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, plus more.  The site includes hundreds of useful articles that are all peer reviewed.  Access to this page is currently free of charge for ACNP members.  To access this page go to: 



Why choose UpToDate?  

Many Nurse Practitioners already use UpToDate in their everyday work.  We would like to ensure that you have access to UpToDate in your home, in your private practice and whilst you are studying. 


Top reasons health professionals choose to use UpToDate are:  

  • Studies confirm that UpToDate answers clinical questions more effectively than other resources and is the Clinical Decision Support tool most used by physicians and residents.
  • UpToDate allows you to find reliable answers to your clinical questions quickly and easily, with online and mobile access options.

  • Earn CME/CE/CPD credit while you work when you research a question in UpToDate.

  • UpToDate is like having an experienced colleague by your side - a colleague deeply knowledgeable about the latest medical advances across 25 clinical specialties. 


Watch the following video to see how UpToDate can help to support you.



The editorial process 

UpToDate has a faculty of more than 7,100 physician authors, editors, and peer reviewers who synthesize medical literature, incorporate the latest evidence, and provide specific graded recommendations for patient care.

They have created more than 11,800 original topics covering internal medicine and all of its subspecialties, including primary care (adult), dermatology, emergency medicine (adult and pediatric), general surgery, neurology, obstetrics, gynecology & women's health, pediatrics, psychiatry, and primary care sports medicine (adolescents and adults).

Expert physician authors and editors use structured clinical questions to prepare original content which undergoes multiple levels of peer review to promote clarity, ensure completeness, and prevent bias.

UpToDate Mobile Apps  

An UpToDate subscription also includes the use of the Mobile App. 
The App features advanced search capabilities including enabling queries and navigations in multiple languages. UpToDate search also features auto-complete to make searching faster.
The searchable UpToDate graphics library includes more than 35,000 pictures, tables, illustrations, diagrams, algorithms, and videos. 
The award-winning UpToDate mobile apps, are available for most leading devices and provides access to clinical content from any mobile device.

UpToDate Facts at a Glance


• Total users worldwide - More than 1.7 million
• Total institutional sites worldwide - More than 37,800
• Countries - 191
• Topic views per month - More than 50 million
• Topic views per year - More than 550 million


Evidence Based Content: 
• Specialties covered in depth 25 clinical topics across 25 specialties (excluding drug information) - More than 11,600
• Patient information topics - More than 1,500
• Graded recommendations - More than 9,500
• Unique drug entries - More than 6,300
• Total references/citations (Medline) - More than 480,000
• Graphics (tables, images, figures) - More than 34,000
• Medical calculators - More than 185
• Journals hand searched and reviewed - More than 435


Find out more interesting facts about UpToDate Facts

Find out more at the UpToDate website 

If you would like to take this offer up please email Sara Carter, ACNP Marketing & Communications Manager at sara.carter@acnp.org.au