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Do you accept the challenge? Educate. Recognise. Empower.

This is something that we can all do to help kick start the conversation around Nurse Practitioners and their important role within health care. Our aim is for every NP in Australia (2200+) to have at least 10 conversations during NP Week. That will mean a further 22,000+ conversations have taken place during NP Week that aims to help educate, recognise, and empower Nurse Practitioners. Don’t forget to raise the opportunity to feedback on the NP 10 Year plan with everyone you speak with, via

You may have a Nurse Practitioner as part of your team, teach nursing students, or may have a Nurse Practitioner working in your community. We want to challenge you to kick start the conversation. Your help will go a long way!

In the 21st year of practice of Nurse Practitioners in Australia, let us aim to include Nurse Practitioners in the conversation and to help create greater awareness of NPs in Australia.  


We do know… Nurse Practitioners are a rapidly growing workforce around the world. 

“The USA showed the highest absolute number of NPs and rate per population (40.5 per 100 000 population), followed by the Netherlands (12.6), Canada (9.8), Australia (4.4), and Ireland and New Zealand (3.1, respectively). Annual growth rates were high in all countries, ranging from annual compound rates of 6.1% in the USA to 27.8% in the Netherlands. Growth rates were between three and nine times higher compared with physicians. Finally, the empirical studies emanating from the literature scoping review suggested that NPs are able to provide 67–93% of all primary care services.”  (Descriptive, cross-country analysis of the nurse practitioner workforce in six countries: size, growth, physician substitution potential)


We do know… Recent studies suggest that around ‘53% of the general population have heard of a NP and these studies show that approximately 91% of the general population are willing to be seen by a NP in the community.’ (Human Resources for Health)


We do know… It is going to take every single NP to start a conversation for there to be a real change and for Nurse Practitioners in Australia to receive the recognition and inclusion they deserve. 


Are you ready to accept the challenge? 


Prizes up for grabs:

To make the week a little more fun, we wanted to add some prizes to those who accept the challenge.  Prizes in 2021 include:

  • $50 gift vouchers giveaways x5
  • ACNP merchandise gift voucher of $100
  • x1 ACNP membership giveaways x2 through the 'Refer a Friend Competition'
  • ACNP $50 vouchers to online learning modules x5
  • 1 x Free promotional activity at ACNP National Conference 2022 (x1) for your employer or business


Prizes are available to ACNP members, Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Practice Nurses, Universities, Health Networks, Local Community Networks and NP supporters and friends.  Winners will be selected at the conclusion of NP Week and will be selected via social media, so please remember to tag #acnpnational and #npkickstartconversation.


You can download resources to help support and celebrate NP Week challenge in the resources and social media sections.