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Nurse Practitioners are registered nurses who have authority to practice independently and collaboratively in an expanded clinical role.  The role was established in the United States in 1965, and in Australia in 2000. By June 2021, there were over 2250 Nurse Practitioners in Australia.

Nurse Practitioner is a legally protected title with the role supported by legislation at both state and national level. Nurse Practitioners have professional autonomy and are responsible and accountable for the care they provide for each episode of care. Nurse practitioners are required to hold professional indemnity insurance. They consult with their nursing peers, medical specialists, general practitioners, and allied health professionals, to provide quality, holistic care to their patients. They work collaboratively to ensure patients’ care is integrated across the primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare settings.

The title "Nurse Practitioner" can only be used by a person who has been endorsed by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.


Did you know that Nurse Practitioners ...?

  • Have practised in Australia for 21+ years
  • Provide health care in all states and territories in Australia
  • Can provide patient rebates through Medicare
  • Provide prescriptions and access to PBS medicines
  • Can refer patients to hospitals and specialists
  • Can order x-rays and diagnostic tests
  • Are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA)


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A Little History

Each year the ACNP holds Nurse Practitioner Day on the 12th December to celebrate an important milestone for the nursing profession.  This date was identified as a date of national significance, as the first nurse practitioners were endorsed in Australia in the year 2000 - Ms Sue Denison and Ms Jane O’Connell.

Sue stated “It was a defining moment when my colleague Jane O’Connell and I were announced in Parliament as the first two Nurse Practitioners in Australia.” 

Now 21 years later, there are now over 2,200+ Nurse Practitioners endorsed with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (Ahpra) and the ACNP would like to continue to promote this important career pathway for a new generation of Nurse Practitioners in Australia.