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Therapeutic Guidelines is recognised nationally as a prime source of accurate, independent and practical treatment advice for a wide range of conditions. "eTG complete" is used and valued by general practitioners, specialists, pharmacists, nurses, other health professionals and students. eTG complete is Therapeutic Guidelines core product and is designed for use on desktop computers and mobile devices. eTG complete has the latest version of all topics published by TGL in a range of convenient formats, including online, offline and download. Licence options are available to meet the needs of single users, clinics or larger organisations.  

The eTG complete app provides all of the TG complete content for use on mobile devices and tablets. Ideal for those who practise in a variety of locations, or those in the rural and remote health sector.  All ANCP members receive a 10% discount on eTG complete and Therapeutic Guidelines books. Therapeutic Guidelines provide clear, concise, independent and evidence-based recommendations for patient management that have been developed by Australia's leading medical experts.

For more information, go to www.tg.org.au.  

To access your ACNP discount through the Therapeutic Guidelines Products contact TGL by email sales@tg.org.au or tel 03 9329 1566.