A Trifle Complex - Matthew Beverley-Stone
URL: https://www.atriflecomplex.com/
Phone: 03 9028 2991
Address: Vic Australia
Email: atriflecomplex@gmail.com
Opening Hours:
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As things can get a trifle (somewhat) complex for us all at times, I offer mental health/psychiatric services for people 18 years and over, from any background, on a one to one basis, using the English language.

I offer appointments on a mutually agreed, as required, basis, so as to maximise the effectiveness of our time together.

I work with those who have needs and concerns related to:


  • Pain management - maintaining mental health

  • Physical health - related to your mental health

  • General Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Low mood and/or Depression

  • Substance use/misuse (Drug and/or alcohol)

  • Trauma

  • Other diagnosed mental health disorders