A Trifle Complex - Matthew Beverley-Stone
URL: https://www.atriflecomplex.com.au
Address: Melbourne
Melbourne , 3000
Email: atriflecomplex@gmail.com
Opening Hours:
0900 to 2200hrs daily
Assessment and treatment of mental health and substance use by a Registered Nurse (Division 1), General; Endorsed as a Nurse Practitioner, who is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse (CMHN). A Registered Nurse Practitioner with over twenty years of experience in the area of mental health/psychiatric nursing. Able to: Provide non-crisis based mental health/psychiatric care (using nursing theory and concepts) Assess, diagnose, and lead treatment from your own home environment Order and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests Prescribe medication(s) for Psychiatric and Alcohol/Drug use related conditions Provide talking therapy/counselling/psychotherapy (with a focus on ACT and EMDR)
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