ACNP Branded Pen - Metal (Originally $8.80)

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ACNP Branded Pen - Metal (Originally $8.80)
Normal Price:$6.15 per Item
Price Ex GST:$5.59 per Item
Weight: 12.00 grams
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Sale runs from the 15 October through until the 31st October 2021.

The ACNP pen has a twist action, rubber coating barrel, metal clip, polished chrome plated trims. The nib is acccessed by a twist of the barrel and the end is a soft touch stylus; suitable for all your touch screens.  Acented with silver with a feature pocket clip.

The ACNP pen is green with a white ACNP engraved logo and text reading "Australian College of Nurse Practitioners".

The pen comes with BLACK ink.