Monday 20th September 2021
By ACNP Admin



ACNP is pleased to share two new research projects with you on behalf of external organisations.


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Friday 17th September 2021
By Mr Jason Harrison


The 2021 Annual General Meeting for the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners will be held:

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Friday 17th September 2021
By Miss Leanne Boase



There have been many questions sent to myself and the College in regard

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Tuesday 14th September 2021
By Miss Leanne Boase

Dear Members


Request For Tender  COVID VACCINE - Vaccine Administration Partners Program


We are pleased to advise you that this RFT has just been published, you can find it, and all information and supporting documents at https://www.tenders.gov.au/Atm/Show/05d40901-607f-4c15-b8dc-284bae5f4c7e


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Tuesday 14th September 2021
By Miss Leanne Boase

NPSC Update


Dear Members


I am pleased to

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Friday 10th September 2021
By Miss Leanne Boase

Dear Members

Thank you to all who joined in the meeting today in relation to the Covid-19 ‘Workplace Vaccination Webinar – Nurse Practitioners.’ Your voice is vitally important, and we would like to say thank you for taking the time to be involved, listen, ask questions, and raise your concerns. Unfortunately, we had

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Great work on behalf of us all. We hope the determination of the college proves to be successful and our exclusion from vital services is removed. COVID19 vaccination response requires the input from ALL able to provide the service to the communities in order to conquer the virus and promote a shield against the negative impact that may enter our shores. G

Posted by Georgina Jordan, 13/09/2021 1:44:06 pm

Thank you Leanne, has the RFT been made available yet? I can't seem to find any link yet. Many thanks Bernadette

Posted by Bernadette, 14/09/2021 10:00:44 am

Friday 10th September 2021
By Miss Leanne Boase

Dear Members

We have finally been successful in our campaign for a new EOI process that includes privately practicing NPs providing COVID vaccines!

As you are all aware, ACNP, and many peak Nursing organisations and their leaders have been actively campaigning for Nurse Practitioners to assist in the COVID vaccine

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Tuesday 31st August 2021
By ACNP Admin



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Friday 20th August 2021
By Miss Leanne Boase


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Friday 13th August 2021
By Miss Leanne Boase



Dear Members, 

As you are aware, ACNP, along with all of the other peak nursing organisations have been repeatedly asking for, and providing evidence to support, the inclusion of Privately Practicing Nurse Practitioners (PPNP) in the rollout of the COVID 19 vaccine.


... more

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