NEW Nurse Practitioner Certification Program NPCP

By  Leanne Boase



Dear Members

The ACNP is excited to announce the development of the brand new national ‘Nurse Practitioner Certification Program’ (NPCP). The NPCP has been developed by the ACNP team including Christopher Helms, Jane O’Connell, Anthony Sokolowski, Leanne Boase and Sara Carter.

The overall aim of the NPCP is to promote transparent and sustainable safety, and quality outcomes in healthcare using the unique lens of the Nurse Practitioner (NP) role. 

 As part of this email you will find the following:

1.            Nurse Practitioner Certification Program Draft 'Project Overview'

2.            ACNP Nurse Practitioner Certification Program Feedback Survey 

We would like to invite you to review the 'Draft Project Overview' and then provide feedback and surrounding governance of the project by completing the survey. 

We look forward to taking the next steps together and appreciate your feedback with this exciting new program designed to benefit the nursing profession as a whole.  

Please provide feedback by Friday 27th August, 2021.


Warm regards

The ACNP Team


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