Formularies Update for Victorian NP's

23rd July 2020
By Leanne Boase. ACNP President

As a Nurse Practitioner working in Victoria, or as a student or prospective NP in Victoria, this is a very important and positive update.

Effective immediately, Nurse Practitioners lists or formularies are no longer in use, and Nurse Practitioners have the ability to prescribe all S2, S3, S4 and S8 medicines in Victoria.  This means if you have the appropriate prescribing education and experience, you may now prescribe a medicine outside of your original formulary.  Please also consider formularies that may be in place with your employer (as applicable) and whether changes may need to be reflected in local workplace policies, etc, before you consider any change in your prescribing.

This change has been approved for 12 months, and will be reviewed every three months to ensure there are no adverse outcomes or impacts on patient safety.

As we all know, Nurse Practitioners are very safe prescribers, and I am confident that our safety record will continue here in Victoria, as it has in other States and Territories where such broad prescribing is already allowed.

I would like to thank the Hon. Jenny Mikakos and Dan Schiftan for their work and commitment to improving health care for Victorians, and we look forward to working with them further.

The consultation process leading to this change has been extensive and thorough, and over then next few days, further information including FAQs and updates to the NMBA website will occur.

I ask you to read the attached letter very carefully, to understand the plans for prescribing for Nurse Practitioners in Victoria, and ensure you do check both the DHHS website and the NMBA website for updates in the coming dates.

Leanne Boase

ACNP President

For more information download this document

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