Congratulations, Humanitarian Angie

22nd March 2021

Heartfelt congratulations and sincere thanks to Angela Jackson from all at ACNP.

Angie, a Nurse Practitioner at the Cairns Hospital and ACNP Member, was awarded the Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal.  The Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal honours members of recognised Australian groups that provide humanitarian service overseas in hazardous circumstances (such as in war zones, during peacekeeping operations or in times of natural disaster or civil strife).  

Like the ring of gumnuts around the medal, her actions bring hope to those she helps and encourages them towards a life after the disaster. With the gold and green symbolising hope and rejuvenation the ACNP know she spreads these feelings and skills to all she meets and treats in her international and local Queensland work.

ACNP join with Cairns Hospital and the many people she has assisted, in praising Angie on this exceptional accomplishment.

The image below is the award received by Angie.  Her name will be etched on to the reverse side.

Humanitarian Medal Image

Read about the award on the Department of Defence's website.

Website: Full Cairns Hospital Facebook post

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