ACNP Response Stillbirth Research and Education

26th November 2018

Sub: Invitation to submit to the Senate Select Committee on Stillbirth Research and Education inquiry

The Australian College of Nurse Practitioners (the “College”) thank you for the opportunity to make a submission to the Senate Select Committee on Stillbirth Research and Education inquiry.

The College is the national peak body for nurse practitioners and advanced practice nurses in Australia. The College is active in advancing nursing practice and improving access to health care. This is achieved through: • leadership • support of professional practice • education, and • research

The College would like to congratulate the Government for its initiative in setting up a committee to undertake important work in this area. We would like to add our support to the initiative and have outlined our comments below in relation to the terms of reference:

a) consistency and timeliness of data available to researchers across states, territories and federal jurisdictions; The College supports a standard and efficient approach to research. There are a number of existing centres undertaking research into stillbirth and a consistent and timely approach to the cross jurisdictional/organisational availability of data would improve the conduct and outcomes of the research. The ethical co-ordination of research efforts across new and existing research data would help to increase the knowledge and understanding of possible causes of preventable stillbirths.

b) coordination between Australian and international researchers; As above

c) partnerships with the corporate sector, including use of innovative new technology; The College supports and encourages the involvement of government and private sector partnerships to improve the capacity for increasing knowledge and outcomes related to stillbirth. In particular, the College supports an increase in the use and development of new technologies able to assist in the detection and management of any risk factors associated with still birth.

d) sustainability and propriety of current research funding into stillbirth, and future funding options, including government, philanthropic and corporate support; Supported

e) research and education priorities and coordination, including the role that innovation and the private sector can play in stillbirth research and education; The College supports the coordination of efforts to improve outcomes of research and education related to stillbirth and the delivery of care to families affected by stillbirth. The College believes in supporting innovation to improve the delivery of health care and in the value of relevant and appropriate research undertakings to increase knowledge and therefore improve outcomes for those affected by stillbirth. The College supports the translation of research outcomes to improve education priorities for families affected by stillbirth, and health care workers providing care and support.

f) communication of stillbirth research for Australian families, including culturally and linguistically appropriate advice for Indigenous and multicultural families, before and during a pregnancy; The College supports the importance of culturally safe and competent communication strategies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and those from any multicultural background, in the provision of care thoughout the family planning, pre-natal, pregnancy and post-natal periods.

g) quantifying the impact of stillbirths on the Australian economy; The College acknowledges the financial impact of still birth not only to the health care system as a whole, but also to the families affected by still birth. The College supports efforts to better quantify the economic impacts on the system. As a result the importance of stillbirth research and education will be highlighted.

h) any related matters. N/A

The College has no objection to the publication of our submission if accepted by the committee.

We again thank you for the Invitation to submit to the Senate Select Committee on Stillbirth Research and Education inquiry.

Should you have any questions or require clarification on any of the points outlined above, please do not hesitate to contact myself via email at or our National Office on 1300 433 660 or email at

Senate Report - Sept 2018

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