APNA Article - Recognising Nurse Practitioners

15th August 2019


Earlier this year, APNA contributed to the Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Report consultation from the Nurse Practitioner Reference Group. The focus was the need for the MBS Review Taskforce to consider how to better fund the high value advanced role of nurse practitioners and their contribution to patient care and management in primary health care including general practice.

APNA believes that the barriers stopping nurse practitioners from working to their full scope of practice must be challenged to improve patient outcomes.

The Australian College of Nurse Practitioners was been consulted by APNA, and we are in agreement with their position on the NPRG recommendations. We fully endorse the 14 recommendations articulated by the NPRG. Each recommendation focuses on improving patient access to high value and best practice care, particularly for marginalised and vulnerable patient groups for who the nurse practitioner model of care is well suited to provide primary care.

On the public front, ACNP has developed Transforming Health Care, an initiative to provide valuable information to the public about the benefits of having nurse practitioners as part of your usual healthcare team and to advise the healthcare sector about the advantages of increasing access to nurse practitioners across several healthcare settings. If you haven’t done it already, make sure to share their videos in your social networks.

Would you like to be more involved in advocating for the nursing profession? We’re always looking for passionate nurses interested in contributing to APNA’s advocacy work. Simply email us on policy@apna.asn.au or call us on 1300 303 9598 and don’t forget to pledge to Nurse 2022.


Read APNA submission re NPRG Report FINAL here

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