Big leap forward for healthcare relationships

13th September 2019

A big leap forward for health care relationships over the last couple of months, I have been active in supporting the General Practitioner Trainees in the Urgent Care environment at the organisation I work for.

This project has recently been formalised with all parties signing the blended supervision agreement for the General practitioner trainees.

This Blended model was developed by the MCCC and signed off by all parties including the RACGP. The RACGP has placed a 6-month endorsement on the model. The blended supervision model recognises the skills provided by the NP in the Urgent Care environment in supporting the General Practitioner Trainee.” Brad Pickering, NP.

“This is a big step forward, especially for rural communities, as blended supervision will allow for growth in roles, and may assist in attracting both Nurse Practitioners and General Practitioners to rural areas.”  Leanne Boase

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