ACT Legislative Assembly passes Bill amendment Part V

26th September 2019

Today the ACT Health Minister confirmed that the amendment Bill to Part V of the Health Act 1993 was passed unopposed in the ACT Legislative Assembly, yesterday25/09/19. This finalises the legislative requirements to abolish the current governance structure for nurse practitioner roles in the ACT and brings it into line with that of other health professionals.


For those who are interested, and have 10 minutes to spare, you can find the video recording of the discussion in the Assembly; see link below article.It is nice to hear our politicians acknowledging the value of the role of nurse practitioners and the service we provide to the community, and confirm their support of these amendements. 


I met with the A/g Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Hamish Jeffrey today. A letter will be sent to all Directors of Nursing this week informing them of the amendment bill being passed and the changes to implementation and governance of NP positions. A draft policy will be sent out for consultation to relevant stakeholders within the health servcies in the next week. It is anticipated that this will cover the following:

  • Requirement for credentialing processes to be established in each health service (TCH and Calvary)
  • Recommendations to standardize processes and for credentialing to consider:
    • education and good standing of individual NP (ie reference check)
    • recency of practice
    • periodic review of credentialing
    • emergency provisions (rapid credentialing for cover for unplanned leave eg. where there is another qualified NP who is not yet credentialed who is available with appropriate scope of practice to step into a position)
    • appeal processes (eg if credentialing is not approved).

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