ACNP Branded ACNP NP Week Promotional Pack

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ACNP Branded ACNP NP Week Promotional Pack
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The NP weeks packs have proved exceptionally popular and subsequently we are out of stock of badges and book marks.  If you would still like to receive posters please email to let us know so we can post them to you.  There is no cost for ACNP sending you these posters.


The ACNP has put together a NP Week 2020 Promotional Pack.  Each pack contains: 

x10 ACNP NP Week Posters

x10 ACNP NP Week Scope of Practice Posters

x20 ACNP NP Week Badges (SOLD OUT)

x20 ACNP NP Week Bookmarks (SOLD OUT)

Lets make 2020 a great year to celebrate! 

 Thank you for your support.