ACNP Branded Mug - Ceramic (Originally $16.50)

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ACNP Branded Mug - Ceramic (Originally $16.50)
Normal Price:$11.55 per Item
Price Ex GST:$10.50 per Item
Weight: 308.00 grams
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Sale runs from the 15 October through until the 31st October 2021.

The ACNP mug has a smooth matt black finish with a white ACNP logo in silouette (on right hand side of mug) and a bright green colourful inners and easy to 'grab and go' handle.  The sturdy ACNP Mug is bound to be an office favourite. 

  • Available Colours: black with green inside
  • Dimensions: H 85 mm; D 87 mm
  • Volume: 300 ml