International Nurses Day 2022


Celebrated on Thursday 12 May 2022 around the globe, International Nurses Day (IND) is an opportunity to thank nurses, show how nursing can look in the future, and how the profession will transform the next stage of healthcare.

In 2022, the ACNP have set our sights on the future for Nurse Practitioners and nursing. 

The ACNP would like to thank all our members and the nursing profession for their incredible efforts over the last two years. The nursing profession has once again showed their incredible resilience, dedication, and passion in caring for others and putting their needs before their own. 

This year, we encourage you to celebrate IND 2022 and gather friends, family, and colleagues to share in your amazing contribution to nursing in your community, and of course honour your proud nursing background.

In 2022, we have joined with Skechers AU to provide ACNP members with a 15% shopping discount that you can access via an email directly to your inbox on May 12, 2022. The ACNP would like to thank Skechers AU for their support of nurses around the nation during this important day of celebration.


Ways you can be involved in IND2022

  1. Downloading and sharing ACNP IND2022 resources listed below.
  2. ACNP Members can celebrate and share in the 15% discount at Skechers AU
  3. Participate in the International Council of Nurses 2022 campaign
  4. Watch the live announcement of the winner of the 2022 Aster Guardians: Global Nursing Award where Nurse Practitioner, Matt Ball is one of the Top 10 Finalists. 

Download IND 2022 Poster  

The poster is available for you to download and share in your workplace or in your community.

You are welcome to take a photo holding the poster and send it to us via a facebook message at ACNP, or email it to  

If you have time, please let us know why as a NP you are focused on the future of nursing.  

We will then share via ACNP socials to help celebrate #IND2022. 

IND 2022 Poster

IND 2022 Poster

Download IND 2022 Virtual Background   

We understand that many of you are holding and hosting events for IND2022. 

We have developed a virtual background for you to use to show your support and celebrate this important day. 

Reminder, the background will show in reverse on the viewer's screen.  

IND 2022 Virtual Background

IND 2022 Zoom Background

Download IND 2022 Screen Savers    

You can download the IND2022 screen savers to share in the celebrations to be used on your computer, or even your workplace, just make sure you have permission first! 

Remember you can always send us a photo of you with your new IND2022 screen saver to for us to share on the ACNP socials.  

IND 2022 Screen Saver

IND 2022 Screen Saver Desktop Wallpaper


IND Screen Saver 2

IND 2022 Screen Saver Desktop Wallpaper 2

Share IND 2022 on your socials     

The ACNP IND 2022 social tiles are available for you to download and share on your social media. 

Remember to tag #acnpnational and #IND2022 in your post. 

We cannot wait to see you celebrating and sharing in International Nurses Day 2022. 

IND 2022 Social Tile 1

IND2022 SM Tile 1


IND 2022 Social Tile 2

IND2022 SM Tile 2 (1)


IND 2022 Social Tile 3

IND2022 SM Tile 3

A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a Registered Nurse with the experience, expertise and authority to diagnose and treat people of all ages with a variety of acute or chronic health conditions. NPs have completed additional university study at Master’s degree level and are the most senior and independent clinical nurses in our health care system. 

The title "Nurse Practitioner" can only be used by a person who has been endorsed by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

National standards for practice ensure that Nurse Practitioners are capable of providing high quality, patient centred care. They are also capable in clinical research, education and leadership as applied to clinical care and health service development.


Did you know that Nurse practitioners ... ... ...

  • Have practised in Australia for 21+ years

  • Provide health care in all states and territories in Australia

  • Can provide patient rebates through Medicare

  • Provide prescriptions and access to PBS medicines

  • Can refer patients to hospitals and specialists

  • Can order x-rays and diagnostic tests

  • Are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA)


If you would like to know more about Nurse Practitioners, please visit the ACNP website for further information. 


You can also download Nurse Practitioner materials below: 

What is a Nurse Practitioner brochure

What is a Nurse Practitioner Poster

Nurse Practitioner Fact Sheet

NP Career Pathway Postcard

Nurse Practitioner Career Guide



ACNP has joined with Skechers AU to provide members with a 15% shopping discount, running from May 12 - May 26, 2022. 

The 15% discount is available on Full-priced styles (this includes all full-priced product types, excluding all Uno models) to utilize online via the Skechers website. 

With the impacts of COVID-19, Skechers has seen an influx of patients with Nurses being on their feet for up to 12 hours a day. One of the biggest complaints Skechers hear from Nurses and Midwives is how sore their feet get on long shifts. When you’re on your feet all day, you need shoes that go the extra mile. All Skechers Work shoes are designed with slip-resistant traction outsoles, water and stain-resistant uppers and our exclusive air-cooled memory foam for all-day comfort.

ACNP members will be sent an email on May 12, 2022, outlining how you can access this exclusive discount. Get ready to reward your feet this IND2022! 



Skechers supporting essential workers this International Nurses Day

On May 12, we celebrate International Nurses Day, a time to acknowledge the ongoing contribution nurses and midwives make to our community. Skechers want to say thank you to all nurses, midwives and essential workers who continue to show up and help keep us safe each day.

Skechers continues to support essential workers with footwear designed specially to protect and support workers who are on their feet all day. Skechers work footwear range ensures that you remain safe and comfortable when supporting those who need it most.

Skechers footwear works just as hard to provide safety and comfort, as our frontline workers do for those in their care. Featuring slip-resistant outer soles, waterproof uppers, cushioned arch support and air-cooled memory foam innersoles for all day comfort.

We’ve asked our hardworking nurses and midwives to share what inspired them to enter the profession, what they love about nursing and how our Skechers footwear supports them this International Nurses Day.

Holly - @nurse_lemaz
Registered Nurse

What do you love most about being a nurse?

Nursing is a rewarding career. It's one of the few professions where you get the privilege of helping bring human life into the world and being there to support those taking their last breaths.

What inspired you to become a nurse?

My grandfather died of kidney cancer when I was 12 years old and, I remembered how much his nurses helped and supported him throughout his hospitalization, advocating for him to spend his last few months with his family at home. This experience made me want to go into nursing.

What do you love the most about working in Skechers shoes? 

 I love how light, durable and comfortable they are. When you are a nurse, you are on your feet all day, you have situations that require you to be quick on your feet, and you deal with all types of bodily fluids throughout your shifts thus, you need great protective footwear to keep injuries to a minimum. Skechers aren’t big and chunky like most nursing shoes you can buy, they look cool and sporty when I wear them, which is why I love them even more! My favourite style of Skechers footwear is the women’s work relaxed fit: Uno  


Catherine - @midwifecath
Nurse, Midwife and Author

What do you love most about being a nurse?

I love that I can meet new and interesting people, plus a bonus of caring for newborn babies.

What inspired you to become a nurse?

I have always wanted to be a midwife for as long as I can remember. Caring for people is what I do, so, I’m grateful for a fabulous career.
What do you love the most about working in Skechers? 

When I started nursing, my mum said always wear comfortable shoes. I have walked many miles nursing and always have worn comfy shoes. Skechers shoes are soft, comfortable and look good when in scrubs!! My favourite Skechers work footwear is the women’s relaxed fit: Ultra Flex SR shoes.


Franz - @thenattynurse

Registered Nurse

What do you love most about being a nurse?

I love how nursing is still one of the most trusted professions in our community today. I love being in a position of influence, enabling patients to make appropriate decisions for their health, inspiring, supporting and mostly being there for them in their lowest times. 

What inspired you to become a nurse?

Several years ago, my mother was diagnosed with abnormal bleeding, and I have witnessed her pain and the desperation my family had to go through. This was my most significant source of inspiration to pursue nursing.  

What do you love the most about working in Skechers shoes? 

I love how comfortable they are to wear, especially being on the floor standing all day, the memory foam really makes working so much easier. My favourite style of Skechers work footwear is the men’s work relaxed fit: Flex Advantage-Bendon SR.


Skechers work footwear range comes in a variety of styles from lace up to easy slip-on varieties. Shop the entire Skechers work footwear range online or head to your local Skechers store.


ACNP members will be sent an email on May 12, 2022, outlining how you can access 15% exclusive discount. Get ready to reward your feet this IND2022! 


MicrosoftTeams-image (16)

Matthew Ball, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, is one of the Top 10 Finalists for the Aster Guardians Global Nursing Awards. 

Matthew was selected as one of the top 10 finalists from over 24,000 nurses around the globe. 

The awards aim to honour the miracle workers who save lives every day.

You can vote for the finalist who you think is most deserving between April 26th and May 6th by visiting the website. 

The announcement for the winner will be made via live stream on International Nurses Day, May 12 2022. 

You can watch the stream live by visiting:

We wish Matt all the very best for this exciting award.  

International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth.

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) commemorates this important day each year with the production and distribution of the International Nurses' Day (IND) resources and evidence.

In 2022, the theme is Nurses: A Voice to Lead - Invest in Nursing and respect rights to secure global health.

You can download the ICN resources including posters, social tiles and virtual background by visiting: