MBS Review - NP Group Recommendations

The Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce Report from the Nurse Practitioner Reference Group (NPRG) has been released, with 14 detailed recommendations.  This report will now be considered by the MBS Taskforce, and released to Stakeholder consultation, which includes the ACNP.  Following that, the taskforce can make recommendations to the Minister. 

What we hope to achieve from the current MBS review is significant increase in access to Nurse Practitioners services for the Australian public.  This will assist the development of more roles in the Private sector, and more Nurse Practitioners will be able to work towards addressing the gaps in health services, and the health of our community.

The ACNP is pleased that the changes outlines within the 14 recommendations will also lead to significant growth in Nurse Practitioner numbers in Australia, especially in areas of need, and a more sustainable workforce.

The ACNP has been heartened by the large number of responses to our sharing of the "MBS Report from the NP Reference Group".  You can access the full report from the MBS Review - NP Reference Group here.


View the ACNP MBS Review Media Release

Please click below to listen to radio interviews conducted with ACNP President, Leanne Boase:


How you can help

1. MBS Review Survey

An ACNP MBS Review survey has been sent to all members to obtain deidentified case studies and your valuable feedback.  Thank you to the many members who have already supplied invaluable information on the recommendations and offered further assistance.  We look forward to receiving everyone’s feedback, thoughts and case studies.  Survey closes on the 28/02/2019


2. Communicate

As a Nurse Practitioner you can help to communicate how the recommendations will impact your work and outcomes for your patients.  You can do this by:

1. Writing to your Federal Member of Parliament.

2. Writing to your State members and explaining how this will help people in their seat access a wider range of health services, in many cases, where access is poor.  

3. Write to the Federal Health Minister, the Minister for Ageing, and your State Ministers for Health and Ageing.  Be sure to mention that there is a lot of evidence to support NP practice being safe, high quality, and cost effective.  

4. You could also write to other professional associations and consumer groups.  If you do write a letter of support, please make sure you forward it to Domenique at ACNP domenique.yucel@acnp.org.au, and she will request permission to publish it on our website.


Not sure who is your local representative; click here to find out.  Additionally, here is the protocol of how to address senators and members of Federal Parliament.

We have developed a Letter Template  to assist you in this process, however we encourage you to individualise this as much as possible, and add in some examples of how this will improve health care and access for your patients, and under serviced communities. 

Please contact the ACNP on 1300 433 660 if you need any assistance.


Actions taken for you as a Nurse Practitioner

We have been in contact with the Honourable, Greg Hunt, MP, Federal Health Minister, via mail.  You can read our comments in the Letter to Minister Hunt.

The ACNP is pleased to acknowledge the support of the following organisations who are equally encouraged by the recommendations and their positive improvement to better health outcomes for all Australians, including the Aged Care sector and Rural and Remote areas.


Letters of Support:  

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