You can download the Members Charter here.Members Charter (PDF)



The purpose of this charter is to facilitate member engagement with the activities of the College.  ACNP is defined by its members and we rely on your member contribution and active participation in College activities, which influences decisions and representations the ACNP makes on behalf of members.



The Australian College of Nurse Practitioners is the national peak organisation for nurse practitioners: advancing nursing practice and improving access to health care. ACNP strives to achieve this through the following aims:

  • Provide leadership, representation and advocacy to improve the provision of health care to the general community;
  • Monitor and make recommendations regarding the ongoing development of advance practice nursing including policy and legislation pertaining to the nurse practitioner role, models of care, funding models and employment options;
  • Increase the level of awareness of the NP role in the health care sector and community more broadly;
  • Develop a community of practice by providing forums for discussion and dissemination of information;
  • Provide consultancy and advice which improves the provision of health care in Australia;
  • Support and contribute to relevant nursing research.



Members of ACNP are expected to comply with the following principles:

  • Treat fellow members and ACNP staff with respect;
  • Uphold and enhance the reputation of ACNP through exemplary professional conduct;
  • Actively participate in the activities of ACNP and help to develop its reach and influence;
  • Demonstrate integrity, honesty and ethical behaviour at all times;
  • Act always within the law, contractual obligations and regulations.

The ACNP Board reserves the right to suspend the membership of any individual or organisation if it fails to comply with these principles.



  • Contribute to the direction of the ACNP by actively engaging in ACNP activities, and by voting on important issues, as notified from time to time;
  • Contribute to and participate in ACNP by accessing the ACNP website, communication, forums and through involvement in subcommittees and other College activities;
  • Appropriately acknowledge and not misrepresent or unlawfully use the ACNP name, reputation or nurse practitioner title;
  • Be informed and share expertise, knowledge and skills to further develop and strengthen nurse practitioner roles and models of care in Australia;
  • Support the strategic direction of the ACNP by promoting best practice and innovation.


You can download the Members Charter here.Members Charter (PDF)