NP Week

A Little History

Each year the ACNP holds Nurse Practitioner Day on the 12th December to celebrate an important milestone for the nursing profession.  This date was identified as a date of national significance, as the first nurse practitioners were endorsed in Australia in the year 2000 - Ms Sue Denison and Ms Jane O’Connell.

Sue stated “It was a defining moment when my colleague Jane O’Connell and I were announced in Parliament as the first two Nurse Practitioners in Australia.”

Now 19 years later, there are now over 1.800 Nurse Practitioners endorsed with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia and the ACNP would like to continue to promote this important career pathway for a new generation of Nurse practitioners in Australia.


2019 Theme: Nurse Practitioners - Much More Than You Know

In 2019, the ACNP has developed a campaign for this special week called "Nurse Practitioners - Much More Than You Know"

Nurse Practitioner Week is one of the biggest weeks in the calendar of NP's, and will run from the 09 December until the 15 December, 2019


Why this campaign? 

We all know, there is still not enough known amongst the Australian public and even those working within health care of what work is carrried out by a Nurse Practitioner.  Let alone the value that NPs add eveyday to their patients and the healthcare system.  

In 2019, Nurse Practitioner Week is all about sharing with Australians that Nurse Practitioners are MUCH MORE.  



Be Involved

We want you to be involved in Nurse Practitioner Week for 2019. You can find out how to be involved by: 

Download Campaign Tool Kit


1. Printing & Posters 

There are 2 types of posters available for you to download and pin up.  You can use these posters to help educate, help celebrate and help to let others know NPs are MUCH MORE. 

Available for download: 

Campaign Poster

NP Week Event Poster- this poster has a space where you can list your event details to let others know to come along and join in the celebration. 

2019 NP Week Poster 1                         2019 NP Week Poster 2

2. Social Media 

Be involved in the NP Week 2019 and download and share all of the social media posts for you to display during the week.  These include: 

2019 Facebook Post (1920px x 1080px) 

2019 Instagram Post (1080px x 1080px)

2019 Twitter Post (1920px x 1080px)

2019 Linked In Post (1920px x 1080px) 


3. Digital 

You may like to share with your workplace, colleagues and friends the following digital elements to use during the week.  It would be great to see the video running on screens throughout workplaces. 

Web Banner (1920px x400px) 

Video - What is a Nurse Practitioner- you can place these on web sites, use on social media and run on the screens in your workplaces. 


4. Host an Event to Celebrate 

Host your own event to celebrate Nurse Practitioner Week.

Your event can be a morning tea, lunch, get together after work, or however you would like to celebrate. 

1. Download the Posters (see above) to let others know of your event

2. Hold your event during this week

3. Take photos and tag @acnpnational and #npmuchmore so we can check them out and then share all your awesome events.  Many workplaces got involved last year and we would love to see this again in 2019.

4. Don't forget to wear green during your celebration! 


5. Wear Green

If you can wear green throughout Nurse Practitioner Week go for it! We want to colour Australia with green. 

Green is "the colour of life, renewal, nature and energy.  It is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility and environment." 


6. Competition Time

This year the ACNP is running a competition for the best picture to illustrate NP's are MUCH MORE.  We want you to have some fun, get creative and tag @acnpnational and #npmuchmore so we can check them out.

The winner will be announced the week following NP Week and will receive an ACNP promotional pack! 



Nurse Practitioner Week: 10-16 December 2018

Nurse Practitioner Week in 2018 was a fantastic success and we would like to thank you all for joining in and making this week so monumental. 

Around the Country from the 10th-16th December, 2018 celebrations were taking place that helped mark an important milestone for the nursing profession.

We look forward to Nurse Practitioner Week in 2019 that will take place from the 9th-15th December. 



2018 Theme: Share Your Story

The theme for Nurse Practiioner Week in 2018 was "Share Your Story."  We were asking Nurse Practitioners to get involved in the celebrations and help by telling their stories as to why they became an NP, what difference they are making in the lives of their patients/clients and their communities and what is so unique about their role as an NP. 

NP Week Poster 1           NP Week Poster 2         NP Week Event Poster