NP Week 2018

Nurse Practitioner Week: 10-16 December 2018


Each year the ACNP holds Nurse Practitioner Day on the 12th December to celebrate an important milestone for the nursing profession.  This date was identified as a date of national significance, as the first nurse practitioners were endorsed in Australia in the year 2000 - Ms Sue Denison and Ms Jane O’Connell.

Sue stated “It was a defining moment when my colleague Jane O’Connell and I were announced in Parliament as the first two Nurse Practitioners in Australia.”

Now 18 years later, there are more than 1729 nurse practitioners endorsed with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia and the ACNP would like to continue to promote this important career pathway for a new generation of nurse practitioners in Australia.

In previous years the ACNP has celebrated Nurse Practitioner day on the 12th December.  In 2018, the College would like to extend the celebrations to a full week with Nurse Practitioner Week commencing on the 10th December and finishing on the 16th December 2018.

NP week will help to: 

  • Provide greater scope for the ACNP State Chapters to organise events in their respective State/Territories.
  • Enable members, nurse practitioners and the community to get involved in a celebration that is running during the week.


2018 Theme: Share Your Story

  • The theme for Nurse Practitioner Week in 2018 is “Share Your Story.”
  • This theme addresses the incredible stories of Nurse Practitioners around Australia.  As part of our national campaign “Transforming Health Care” many NPs are telling their stories as to why they became an NP, what difference they are making in the lives of their patients/clients and their communities and what is so unique about their role as an NP. 

NP Week Poster 1           NP Week Poster 2         NP Week Event Poster

NP Week Poster 1

NP Week Poster 2

NP Week Event Poster

Nurse Practitioner week is an opportunity for all NPs to share their stories and help to assist in the celebration and education of the role of NPs across Australia.

Nurse Practitioner Week Toolkit: 

Your campaign toolkit helps to provide ACNP State Chapters, members, nurse practitioners, advanced practice nurses and organisations with materials that they can use to promote Nurse Practitioner Week. 

Please download the campaign toolkit: NP Week Toolkit

Please download the digital elements outlined below for the campaign (click on link below image):

Digital Elements:

NP Week Web Banner

NP week web banner

NP Week Facebook Banner

Facebook Banner

NP Week Facebook

Facebook Profile

NP Week Twitter Post

Twitter Post

NP Week Linked In

Linked In Banner

NP Week Instagram

NP Week Instagram Post

Presentation Slide

Transforming Health Care Video 

NP Week Media Release

Call to action “Share Your Story”

The call to action in 2018 for Nurse Practitioner week is to encourage all NPs in the community to share their story.  All NPs have amazing stories as to:

  • Their journey to become a Nurse Practitioner 
  • Why they are a Nurse Practitioner?
  • The difference Nurse Practitioners are making every day to their patients/clients and to the Australian health care system
  • What makes a Nurse Practitioner so unique?


What can you do?

If you would like to be involved in NP Week there are many different ways you can help.  You can help to celebrate by:

  • Download Posters - Print out and place around your workplace & community. You can also email them to all of your colleagues, friends & family.
  • Digital Elements - Download all the digital elements and help to spread the word via your facebook, Instagram, Linked In and Twitter.
  • Host your own event - Wear green & host your own event.  Morning tea, dinner, a walk around the park, however you would like to celebrate.  Let us know and we can place your event on the website.
  • Social Media - Remember to share your story and tag us in all the socials. 
  • Share Your Story - Share your story via social media and tag us in the socials. 

Download the campaign toolkit to find out all the ways you can be involved.

NP Week Toolkit


Events Taking Place  

If you have an event taking place during NP Week, please email and we will list your event on the website.

NP Week Celebrations:


Western Australia

Presentation followed by supper

12th December, 2018

@5pm - 7.30pm

Group Room, Cockburn Integrated Health

Level 1, Suite 14, 11 Wentworth Parade, Success WA 6164


Non-members welcome!


South Australia

11th December 2018


West Oaks Hotel

208 Hindley Street, Adelaide

RSVP to by 10 December



10th December 2018


Australian College of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP Head Office)

Suite 25, 204-218 Dryburgh Street

North Melbourne

RSVP to by 7 December


11th December 2018

@3pm - 4pm

Office of the Chief Nurse and Midwifery Office

Level 7, 22 Elizabeth St, Hobart

RSVP to by 10 December