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2023 Applications are now closed. 

This ACNP scholarship is proudly sponsored by Ausmed.

This scholarship is named in memory of Olwyn (Ollie) Johnston who was appointed as the first practicing nurse practitioner in Australia (NSW) in 2001. Ollie passed away in 2006 but her life contribution to remote nursing will be remembered by her radio call sign “by Golly….it’s Ollie”.

Ollie was the first Nurse Practitioner approved to work in a remote area of far west NSW and recognised for her specialities in rural and remote health care. A pioneer, Ms Johnston paved the way for Nurse Practitioners nationally. She found a setting to learn beyond the norm and had to think creatively to meet her client’s health needs. Through her passion for the area she developed a deep sense of commitment to rural and remote health. 

This educational scholarship is offered to endorsed Nurse Practitioners for the purpose of growing the body of knowledge on the nurse practitioner role in Australia.


The prize is a scholarship of up to $5,000 and may be provided to one individual. 

About Ollie Johnston

Following her arrival in Australia from New Zealand Ollie commenced her nursing career in 1979 in Sydney working as an AiN. In 1980 Ollie undertook her enrolled nursing course and went on to complete her RN training in 1982.

Ollie took her love of the outback to the areas surrounding Lightning Ridge where she worked full time in Accident and Emergency.  In 1998 Ollie moved to Wanaaring Community Health Centre, where she completed her Masters of Nursing in Rural and Remote Areas

On 7 May 2001, the day before International Nurses’ Day, Ollie was appointed Australia’s first ‘recognised’ Nurse Practitioner. As Nurse Practitioner, Ollie had the skills and knowledge to initiate diagnostic tests and prescribe specific medications within her scope of practice

Ollie moved to Goodooga Health Services where she remained until her illness.

Abstract from Lamp-April2006-web


  • A Nurse Practitioner (endorsed by NMBA) residing in Australia
  • A current financial member of ACNP
  • Working at least 0.6 FTE as a Nurse Practitioner in a clinical role

The scholarship will be awarded to the applicant who can best demonstrate that the proposed activity will both add to the body of knowledge on nurse practitioner roles and models of care.  Applicants must complete the Selection Criteria Form and the declaration included in the online application.


  • Nominations open 1 March 2023
  • Nominations close 30 April 2023
  • Recipients will be notified by the 15 July
  • Official presentation at the ACNP National Conference Gala Awards Dinner, 13 October 2023  

The judging will be conducted by the ACNP Awards and Scholarships Committee.
Final recommendations will go to the National Board for endorsement.
Please note that the judge’s decision is final.

Applicants submissions are provided only to the judging panel.


  1. Late or incomplete submissions will not be accepted
  2. All applications must be made via the online application forms with attachments uploaded in PDF form
  3. ACNP reserve the right to not make an offer of an award.
  4. Submissions that do not address the criteria will not be considered
  5. The Review Committee will undertake assessment of all applications and their decision will be final.
  6. Applications are competitive and ACNP reserves the right to withdraw the award should conditions not be satisfied.
  7. ACNP are to be acknowledged in any publication or presentation resulting from funding support.
  8. ACNP reserve the right to publish information about the scholarship and successful applicant in their medium of choice.
  9. The successful applicant must must be available to accept the award at the Gala Awards Dinner, held during the ACNP National Conference on 13th October 2023 
  10. All recipients must be a financial member of the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners at the time of submission, presentation and utilisation of the award prize
  11. All announcements are to be held in confidence until the formal presentation at the ACNP National Conference Gala Awards Dinner
  12. Breaching of these terms and conditions can require the applicant to refund to ACNP some or all of the scholarship monies.

The successful applicant is required to submit a brief report to ACNP within three months of completion of the education activity outlining how the scholarship funds were used. The successful applicant will be required to complete an abstract and present it at a subsequent ACNP National Conference, within the next 2 years.


  • Completed Selection Criteria Form
  • CV Summary - Inclusive of Qualifications, Professional Development & relevant Employment History
  • Budget (Cost breakdown of all the Event & Travel expected - in AUD)
  • 2 x written professional referees using proforma template (at least 1 an ACNP member)

Ollie Scholarship Selection Criteria Form          Professional Referee Proforma Template

Past Winners

Congratulations to the 2022 Ollie Scholarship recipient, Lee-anne Pedersen.

Lee-anne Pedersen is a Nurse Practitioner in Karumba Clinic and Normanton Hospital located in Queensland, where she provides primary and emergency health care. 

Lee-anne has published articles on a variety of topics, including Paediatric Palliative care and the use of telehealth to deliver services. 

She has been a teacher across the Asia Pacific region and has been the recipient of various scholarships and grants including National Quality of Care Collaborative Commonwealth Health and Aging grant since 2014. 

Lee-anne is delighted to be awarded the 2022 Ollie Scholarship and will use the scholarship funds to extend her skills in the area of use of ultrasound in rural areas, thereby enabling additional service provision to her community.

Olli 2022

Lee-anne Pedersen (left) with ACNP President Leanne Boase

2021 Recipient

Congratulations to Amor Kisling.

Amor Kisling Photo


Amor is an Emergency Nurse Practitioner in regional Victoria and is currently completing a masters of Traumatology and developing a hip fracture pathway to enhance patient outcomes.  The Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) course will enable Amor to implement this pathway, as well as being trained to administer fascia iliaca blocks. The course will also enable Amor to implement skills in assessing trauma patients. Amor’s colleague outlines “Developing the knowledge and skill to operate the ultrasound will allow nurse practitioners to broaden and refine their practice and aid them in reducing time to diagnosis, vascular access, analgesia or recognition of significant pathology that will help improve the timeliness and overall standard of care. Amor takes an active role and interest in achieving the best possible standards of care. She has led the development of the new fast track department and taken an active role in guideline development from trauma to hip fracture pathways.” 

This education will help overcome current barriers to practice by providing Amor with the knowledge and skills to provide her patients a quicker and more in-depth health care experience and increase better health outcomes. 


Congratulations to Giuliana Murfet

Giuliana Murfet

Giuliana was one of the first Nurse Practitioners endorsed to practice in Tasmania.  She has extensive diabetes experience including leadership and advisory roles nationally. Key works includes: Retrospective Diabetes in Pregnancy Outcome Study; Assessment and Management of Obesity and Self-maintenance Study; A competency-based approach to expanding the diabetes healthcare workforce (current PhD).  

The Ollie Nurse Practitioner Scholarship supports attendance to the 11th International Council of Nurses’ NP/APN Nursing Network Conference in Nova Scotia in 2020.  The award was cosponsored by ACN.

2020 - The Scholarship was not awarded/

2018 - Mark Jones. Emerency and Acute Care SA

2017 - Mark Shah Diabetes and Eendocrinology WA

2016 - Mary Fenech BBV, STI & Viral Hepatitis Qld

2015 - Giuliana Murfet Diabetes Tas

2014 - Kym Boyes Womens Health & Research Qld