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Ollie Scholarship 

This scholarship is named in memory of Olwyn (Ollie) Johnston who was appointed as the first Nurse Practitioner in NSW in May 2001. Ollie was the first Nurse Practitioner approved to work in a remote area of far west NSW and recognised for her specialities in rural and remote health care. A pioneer, Ms Johnston paved the way for Nurse Practitioners nationally. She found a setting to learn beyond the norm and had to think creatively to meet her client’s health needs. Through her passion for the area she developed a deep sense of commitment to rural and remote health. 



The prize is a scholarship of up to $5,000 and may be provided to one individual. 



  • 1st April, 2021 Nominations open
  • 30th June, 2021 Nominations close
  • Announcement of winners at ACNP National Symposium in October 2021, South Australia. 

All announcements are to be held in confidence until this date.


The scholarship will be awarded to the applicant who can best demonstrate that the proposed activity will both add to the body of knowledge on nurse practitioner roles and models of care.
Applicants must complete the selection questions and the declaration included in this application.



Now closed

Past Winners

The Scholarship was not awarded in 2020.


2019 Recipient

Congratulations to Giuliana Murfett. The award was cosponsored by ACN.

Giuliana Murfet 

Giuliana was one of the first Nurse Practitioners endorsed to practice in Tasmania. 

She has extensive diabetes experience including leadership and advisory roles nationally. Key works includes: Retrospective Diabetes in Pregnancy Outcome Study; Assessment and Management of Obesity and Self-maintenance Study; A competency-based approach to expanding the diabetes healthcare workforce (current PhD).  

The Ollie Nurse Practitioner Scholarship supports attendance to the 11th International Council of Nurses’ NP/APN Nursing Network Conference in Nova Scotia in 2020.