Partnership Opportunities

Explore various avenues for collaboration with the ACNP, including:

ACNP Partnership Program: This initiative guarantees substantial exposure for your brand amongst industry professionals. The ACNP diligently maintains continuous contact with its members nationwide through numerous events each year. To discuss partnership opportunities, contact us or call 1300 433 660.

ACNP National Conference: Join over 400 delegates at our annual showcase event, a comprehensive program tailored for Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Practice Nurses, Nurse Practitioner Candidates, Students, Nurses, and Health Professionals. Spanning four days, including pre-conference workshops, the ACNP National Conference is an engaging, interactive, fun, and insightful event that brings together key industry leaders from around the country.

These opportunities are your gateway to establishing a meaningful presence within the healthcare community. Connect with us to be part of the dynamic initiatives led by the ACNP.  For more information on the ACNP National Conference in 2024 contact

Connect, Engage, Thrive: Unleashing Potential Through ACNP's Multifaceted Communication Channels

Welcome to your ultimate hub for connecting with endorsed Nurse Practitioners, aspiring candidates, student nurse practitioners, and a vibrant community of Nurses and Allied Health Professionals. Here, the power of possibilities is unleashed, where information meets innovation! Join us to be a part of a dynamic community dedicated to advancing healthcare and fostering collaboration.

To learn more about the Advertising opportunities with the ACNP, please click below.

Advertising Prospectus 2023/2024 (effective 1 December 2023)

Advertising with ACNP - How to apply

The Australian College of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP) welcomes employers to apply and become accredited suppliers, granting exclusive access to a specialised community of nursing professionals committed to advancing healthcare.

Why Advertise with ACNP:

Targeted Reach: Connect with a dedicated network of highly skilled nurse practitioners actively involved in shaping the future of healthcare.

Enhanced Visibility: Promote your organisation to an audience passionate about healthcare, career progression, and professional development.

Collaborative Opportunities: Engage with a community of nursing professionals, fostering collaboration, exchanging insights, and contributing to the healthcare landscape.

Apply to Advertise with ACNP: If you would like to advertise through our platforms, you will need to apply and be approved before commencing advertising. ACNP offers a unique opportunity for employers to connect with passionate, skilled nurse practitioners committed to transforming healthcare. By becoming an accredited supplier, you gain a direct channel to this influential and engaged community.

Contact Us to Apply:


Phone: 1300 433 660

Don’t miss the chance to engage and connect with a dynamic community of nurse practitioners. Apply to partner with the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners and position your organisation at the forefront of the evolving healthcare industry.

If you are considering, the Recruitment and Selection of Nurse Practitioners and Advance Practice Nurses ACNP has guidelines available to aid in selecting the right candidate.