Friday 5th April 2024
By ACNP Admin

Research Priorities for Australian Nurse Practitioners (Delphi Round 1) - Closes at midnight 05 April

Following on from the initial exploratory survey to determine the Australian NP research priorities agenda, 11 predominant research priorities were identified. Further input is now being sought to help rank these themes

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Wednesday 20th March 2024
By Miss Leanne Boase

While we are usually pleased to see Nurse Practitioners in the media highlighting our positive contributions to health, we are aware there can be negative approaches.

Especially during times like this, where there is significant reform that will lead to NPs being fully enabled, and significant workforce growth, it is reasonable to expect

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Monday 11th September 2023
By Miss Leanne Boase

Member Updates


Dear Member

ACNP Updates, short surveys, a call for EOI, and our AGM reminder!

Some important topics this week - MS 2 Step, Rural Palliative Care, and Gender Bias

1. MS 2 Step update and quick survey

ACNP continues to work on required changes to

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Wednesday 28th June 2023
By ACNP Admin

The Governments Innovative Models of Care (IMOC) Round 4 Grant Opportunity GO6283 is now open and applications close 2pm ASET Monday 7 August 2023. The grant opportunity guidelines are available on Grant Connect more

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Thursday 2nd June 2022
By ACNP Admin

ACNP would like to share these ground breaking opportunities for Nurse Practitioners to make a key difference in health care.

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Tuesday 31st May 2022
By Miss Leanne Boase

For the future of NPs! 


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Monday 30th May 2022
By Miss Leanne Boase

The ACNP is led by a National Board of Directors with a National Council advising on key regional and strategic issues facing Nurse Practitioners

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Wednesday 4th May 2022
By ACNP Admin


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Wednesday 27th April 2022
By ACNP Admin

Update from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee


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Thursday 14th April 2022
By Miss Leanne Boase
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