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The ACNP is shocked and saddened by the severity of the current bushfires still burning throughout much of the Country.  With 23 lives lost, over 500 million mammals, birds and reptiles deceased, more than 11.3 million acres of land burned so far and over 2,500 properties destroyed, the gravity of these bushfires is sadly still unfolding.  

We have recently learned of one of our colleagues, a Nurse Practitioner who lost her house in NSW to the Australian Bushfires, after she and her family battled for weeks to save it. She and her family are safe, however they are now in temporary accommodation with their children.

Let’s support one of our own, I’m calling on Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Practice Nurses, Nurses and Health Professional colleagues, as well as partners and friends of the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners, and our amazing international colleagues to help out.
The ACNP President has started a Go Fund Me Page to support NPs who have lost houses during these fires.  We are aiming for $10,000, however every little bit will help.  The aim is to provide much needed and urgent funds towards accommodation, clothing and school supplies, as well as many items needed for daily life, as it can take a long time to begin rebuilding. 

Update from ACNP President, Leanne Boase on our member who has lost her house and farm in the bushfires. 

Our member, Karen, lives in Milton NSW and works as a Nurse Practitioner. She is now in secure accommodation with her husband and two children. She is very active in the community and continues to support local wildlife rescue efforts despite her own losses.
Some of her friends are also fundraising locally for her and her family, and they have written the following: They are the "most kind and generous people you could hope to meet. With their neighbours, they've been working tirelessly to keep their patch of paradise near Milton safe since the Currowan Fire started more than 4 weeks ago".
"They lost their house and farm to the inferno. They were well prepared. The property was cleared and well maintained, the bush near them already largely burned out. This fire, one of so many devastating our country at the moment, was an unopposable force. They are traumatised but safe. Everything is gone: The farmhouse is uninhabitable, beautiful old orchards destroyed, the timber they had cleared and milled to extend their home obliterated. When Karen evacuated yesterday, she loaded the car with supplies for others in the evacuation centres. These people would give you the shirts off their backs."
With the support of ACNP, I am doing this short fundraiser to get some much needed funds to Karen and her family quickly.

Our thoughts and hearts are with Karen and her family.

Thank you for your support. 

If you would like to help, please donate to: 
Bank First responds to the bushfire emergency 

Like all Australians, Bank First is devastated by the bushfires currently affecting Australia and our home state of Victoria.

CEO William Wolke said, “We are proud to be the customer-owned bank that exists for the people who care,
particularly now in a time of crisis where our emergency service workers, volunteers and healthcare workers are
tirelessly working to protect our communities”.

A financial assistance package is now available to support affected customers.

A financial assistance package tailored to specific needs is now available to support customers experiencing hardship
and Bank First urges customers affected to call the Bank for assistance. The package includes:
• Interest-free loans of up to $5000.
• The ability to defer loan and credit card repayments.
• Emergency credit card limit increase.
• Waiver of interest rate reduction for term deposit withdrawals.
• Waiver of other fees and charges.

Relief for schools and preschools

As a bank founded to support teachers and the wider education community, we are also saddened for the Victorian
schools and preschools that have been affected by the bushfires.
Chair of the Board, Bernie Lloyd said, “Our heritage is built upon resilience and care, and as we have always done in
times of disaster, Bank First is ready to provide care and support for our customers and communities. We understand the
financial impact that this could have on our own people and are proud to offer assistance through these difficult times”.
The Bank First Community Fund will provide donations of up to $10,000 to help Victorian schools and preschools rebuild.


Ongoing support and assistance
Our people at Bank First are working on initiatives to raise money for the Australian Red Cross, with Bank First to
match staff donations to support relief efforts.
At an industry level, Bank First supports the assistance the customer owned banking sector is providing; including the
efforts of COBA (Customer Owned Banking Association) and BCCM (Business Council of Cooperatives and Mutuals).
Bank First believes in the people who care, and expresses gratitude to all who are working tirelessly to keep our
communities safe, and the efforts of Australians to support each other at this time.


For more information:

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