Terms and Conditions

The number of Voting Members of the Company shall be unlimited. The number of any non-voting category of Membership (if any) created by the Board or Company may be unlimited.

The Members consist of:
(a) The Inaugural Members as listed in Schedule 1 as at the date this Constitution is registered with ASIC; and
(b) all other persons admitted to Membership in accordance with this Constitution.

Classes of Members
The Board may from time to time establish such categories of Membership and may make appropriate provisions for the granting of such Membership and the conditions of such Membership. On the admission of any person as a Member, the Board must declare whether that person is a non-voting Member. In the absence of any such declaration, the person shall be deemed to be a non-voting Member when and until a declaration by the Board resolves otherwise.

Membership qualifications
(a) Except as stated in clause 8.4(b), a person cannot be considered for Membership of the Company by the Board unless the person either:
(i) applies to become a Member in the form and manner prescribed by the Board from time to time; and
(ii) is proposed for Membership by an existing Voting Member and such proposal is seconded by a second existing Voting Member. The person applying to become a Member must be personally known to both the proposing Voting Members; or
(iii) is recommended for Membership by any person and is subsequently admitted to Membership by a separate resolution of the Board.
(b) Life Members must be recommended by the Board to the Company and appointed by the Company in general meeting with a resolution supported by 75% of those Voting Members present in person or by proxy.

Admitting Members
No applicant may be admitted to Membership and have their name entered in the Register unless the applicant agrees in writing to be bound by this Constitution.

Discretion to admit
(a) The Board must consider the application or recommendation for membership at the next meeting of the Board after the receipt of the application or recommendation for membership.
(b) The Board may refuse to admit any person as a Member. If the Board refuses to admit a person as a Member, the Board is not obliged to give reasons for so refusing.
(c) Any person who is refused membership of the Company may appeal to a general meeting of the Members concerned for the purpose of determining that appeal at the next general meeting of the Company held in accordance with the Constitution.

Fees to be paid by Members

Entrance fee
The Company may determine whether an entrance fee is payable by Members on a recommendation from the Board.

Annual subscription
Although there is no obligation on the Directors to recommend a subscription increase each year, the Board must recommend to the Company at each annual general meeting the annual subscription payable by each category of Membership to apply until the next annual general meeting. If an increase in fees is recommended, for it to apply the Company must support any resolution put forward by the Directors as an Ordinary Resolution.

Rights of Members

Members are entitled to all the rights of Members under this Constitution.

No joint Members
Joint Memberships of the Company are not permitted.

Cessation of Membership

A person ceases to be a Member of the Company if the person:
(a) dies;
(b) resigns that Membership;
(c) is expelled from the Company under this Constitution; or
(d) is a person whose actions in the opinion of the Directors brings the Company into serious disrepute.

Appointment as Member not transferable
A right, privilege or obligation which a person has by reason of being a Member of the Company:
(a) is not capable of being transferred or transmitted to another person; and
(b) terminates upon cessation of the person's Membership.

A Member of the Company may resign that Membership by first giving notice in writing of such resignation.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping is provided electronically.

Refund Policy

Membership fees are non-refundable.

Data Policy

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NP Directory

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