The NP Online Forum



The NP online Forum is now Open! Exclusive to ACNP members.

You will only be granted access to the Forum if you have renewed your 2023-2024 ACNP Membership. 

IMPORTANT: Please read the instructions below before joining. 

We are thrilled to announce that the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP) is joining the Nurses Collective platform, connecting our esteemed community of Nurse Practitioners with nurses across Australia. As an organisation dedicated to advancing nurse practitioner practice and education, we believe that joining Nurses Collective will provide us with a unique opportunity to connect, collaborate, and grow as professionals in the healthcare industry. By transitioning our membership to the Nurses Collective platform, we aim to create a dynamic and inclusive space where nurse practitioners can network, share knowledge, and engage with a wider nursing community. We are excited to share that the ACNP will have its own private forum, group, resources, and guides within the platform.

What is the NP Online Forum & how do i set up my account?

  • The NP online Forum is an online space for Nurse Practitioners, Np Students, Advance Practice Nurse' and all ACNP Members to network- on the Nurse Collective Website & APP (The app will be available very soon, for now you will be networking on the website)


  1. Visit the Nurses Collective website at
  2. Register using your email address and complete the quick registration process. (It takes just 30 seconds!)
  3. Check your email (including spam/junk folders) for a registration confirmation.
  4. Click the confirmation link in the email to approve your registration.
  5. Create your profile to showcase your professional background and interests.
  6. Enter your FULL NAME so we can confirm you are an ACNP member. 
  7. Navigate to the "Groups" tab and join the private ACNP group to connect with fellow nurse practitioners.
  • Once you have confirmed your email address, you will be given access to "The Nurses Collective"
  • Once you are inside "The Nurse Collective", Search for ACNP's private group and request to join. This is strictly a private group for ACNP members only. 
  • Once you have requested to join ACNP's private group, please allow up to 24 hours for your request to be approved by ACNP admin staff. We need to ensure that only ACNP members are accessing this portal. 


Once your request is approved to join ACNP's private Group, you can go ahead and use all the wonderful functionalities of the forum.  However, being a member of Nurses Collective means you can still explore and join other groups of your interest, participate in discussions, and access exclusive content and discounts for free! It's a fantastic chance to broaden your professional horizons and connect with nursing peers from various specialities.  

That's it! In just a few simple steps, you'll become part of the ACNP community, where you can explore resources, engage in discussions, and access exclusive content and discounts tailored to your interests. We believe that this collaboration will foster growth, professional development, and new opportunities within the nurse practitioner field. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to advancing nurse practitioner practice and education. We look forward to welcoming you on the Nurses Collective platform and witnessing the exciting connections and collaborations that will unfold.  



How you can help


Additionally, we are actively seeking Nurse Practitioners who are interested in volunteering and contributing to the growth of the platform. If you would like to get involved, we invite you to reach out to There are several opportunities available, such as:

  1. Help moderate and run our existing community of practices for your specific speciality, ensuring a vibrant and engaging space for discussions and knowledge sharing.
  2. Exploring the possibility of having your workplace or unit create their own private group and forum on the platform, fostering collaboration and communication among your team.
  3. Sharing your valuable insights and experiences by writing a Q&A or "Day in the Life" style article about your career as a Nurse Practitioner.

We believe that by coming together and actively participating, we can create an even more dynamic and valuable community for all nurses. Your involvement and contributions are greatly appreciated





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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


  1. What is the main news feed?

The main news feed within the group functions similarly to popular social platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. You can post questions, search for topics of interest, respond to posts, and engage in conversations with other members. It serves as a central hub for sharing information and updates.


  1. Can I send private messages or friend requests?

Absolutely! Just like LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social platforms, you have the ability to connect directly with other members through private messaging and friend requests. This feature facilitates networking and enables one-on-one communication within the community.


  1. What is the code of conduct as an ACNP member?

While the NP Online Forum provides a space for individuals to express their views and opinions freely, ACNP emphasises maintaining a professional environment. As the forum is regulated, we kindly request that all members use it responsibly and respectfully. Any comments, posts, or imagery that are deemed inappropriate will be promptly removed by our moderators. In cases of severe misconduct, regulators have the right to remove members from the forum and potentially from the Nurses Collective platform altogether.


For any further questions or concerns, please reach out to

We are here to assist you and ensure your experience on the NP Online Forum is enjoyable and beneficial.


The NP Online Forum has been developed in collaboration with Jackson Heilberg, an innovative entrepreneur and passionate Australian Nurse. We are grateful for our partnership with the Nurses Collective and are excited for you to explore and utilise the platform to its fullest potential.