The ACNP and the Journal for Nurse Practitioners are working in collaboration to provide the electronic version of its journal for the ACNP membership.  

The ACNP would like to facilitate quality manuscripts regarding nurse practitioner practice and the development of advanced practice nursing from an Australian perspective.  This webpage serves as a portal to assist potential Australian authors in submitting manuscripts.  


Electronic access to the JNP is free for members.  

This is an excellent opportunity for NPs practicing in Australia to demonstrate the unique role they play in Australian health care.  It also serves as an excellent opportunity for students seeking endorsement as an NP to demonstrate Standard 4.1 of the Nurse Practitioner Standards for Practice. We will be developing this page from time to time to provide enhanced resources for authors. 

What type of journal is the JNP?

The Journal for Nurse Practitioners offers high-quality, peer-reviewed clinical articles, original research, continuing education, and departments that help practitioners excel as providers of primary and acute care across the lifespan. Each issue meets their practice needs and encourages discussion and feedback with thought-provoking articles on controversial issues and topics. JNP supports advocacy by demonstrating the role that policy plays in shaping practice and delivering outcomes. 

What are the requirements for submitting articles to the JNP?

All of the information you might require can be found HERE

Further Questions?

If you have advanced questions regarding journal publication, please contact JNP directly through their EES system.