Nurse Practitioners are transforming health care across all states and territories in Australia

The Transforming Health Care campaign is a project by the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners that aims to increase the awareness of Nurse Practitioners in the community and promote the national standards for practice that work to offer high quality and patient-centred care across Australia.  

Registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority, Nurse Practitioners are focused on improving access to treatment, providing cost-effective care, and targeting at-risk populations including aged care and indigenous populations in remote and rural areas.  Educated at Masters level and found throughout Australia, Nurse Practitioners work as key health care providers in regional, remote, and metropolitan areas to perform advanced physical assessments, order diagnostic tests, initiate referrals to healthcare providers, prescribe medications and collaborate with other nurses and healthcare professionals to provide holistic care to patients.

We welcome you to explore more about Nurse Practitioners and find a nurse practitioner in your local area.

Visit the Transforming Health Care website for more details.